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The rapid development of computer technology and the Internet brought to our lives a new bad habit, in some cases even a disease, called Internet addiction. Today, this problem is quite urgent.

Very often Internet addiction is common in young people. After failing to find understanding in the real world, they go to the virtual. But what if your significant other has faced such a problem?

Here are 6 tips on how to help your loved one to get rid of the Internet addiction.

First of all, a person embraced by computer obsession need to realize the problem, wish to get rid of dependence and make every effort to do it. And you should try to distract him, help to find hobbies and interesting activities in his ordinary life, on this side of the monitor.

  1. Don’t cut off Internet access
It isn't necessary to use violent measures, such as disconnecting the Internet. This can only exacerbate Internet addiction - as a result, a person will disappear on the web even more time, but using another computer (at work, computer clubs, friends, etc.).

  1. Don't meet debts
Don’t help him pay back money lost in online casino, don’t encourage and give him money to buy online toys, or pay Internet bills. Perhaps it makes sense to take temporary control of finances into your hands.

  1. Don’t make indulgence
Every member of the family has responsibilities. The fact that an addict spends all night long in chat rooms, games, or online casinos doesn’t relieve him of the affairs that he must do during the day: go to work, shop, bank, spend time with children. You shouldn’t leave him alone and give up, waiting for him to see how hard it’s for you. Because the dependent will be only happy and can safely dive into the virtual reality.

  1. Take interest in his hobby
Don’t constantly get angry with your partner. Psychologists advise to act on the contrary. Take interest in his online game, ask about the heroes, and what is happening now. Share the hobby for two. It can draw you together. If the game is network, try to make a pal of his virtual friends. The goal is to organize a real meeting and gradually transfer his online hobby into a real friendly communication.

  1. Create a cozy atmosphere at home
Learn to talk calmly, as close and native people. It’s important for him to know that home is a place where he can always find support. At the same time, don’t keep silent about your feelings. Tell your partner how it’s painful for you to see this situation.

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  1. Find the source of adrenaline in real life
It’s important to find a positive and strong source of emotions that will overwhelm the feelings from virtual games. It can be whatever you can think of. Parachute jump, motor sport, or mountain climbing. It’s recommended to draw up a clear plan of real affairs for every day. Today you can go to the theater, tomorrow on a visit, the day after tomorrow - to the amusement park, etc.

If these simple tips prove ineffective and the fight against Internet addiction has little success, then you should see a professional psychologist. Talking to a person, a psychologist will identify the causes of Internet addiction and give advice that appropriate to this person. After understanding what attracts a person to the network, you can find alternative activities without using a computer.

Prevention of Internet addiction is useful to all those people who have to use the Internet. The fact is that Internet addiction, although less destructive than alcohol dependence or drug addiction, but develops much faster. It’s worth thinking about how people lived at a time when there was no Internet - what they did in their free time, how they had fun and communicated with each other.

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