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Reflection Point

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Reflection Point
Reflection Point


  Adam Elias Zain

  Copyright 2014 Adam Elias Zain

  All rights reserved

  No part of this publication may be used or reproduced in any form or manner

  This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only

  If you are reading this ebook and did not purchase it, please return to your favourite ebook retailer and purchase your own copy

  Thank you for respecting the hard work of the author

  Dedicated to Mrs Barnard

  And all the passionate primary school teachers in the world; you deserve a medal for what you do, but for now, you’ll just have to settle for this collection of thoughts and poems

  And all those who daydream





  About the Author


  Twelve of the Clock

  Eleven of the Clock

  Ten of the Clock

  Nine of the Clock

  Eight of the Clock

  Seven of the Clock

  Six of the Clock

  Five of the Clock

  Four of the Clock

  Three of the Clock

  Two of the Clock

  One of the Clock



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  First and foremost, thank goodness.

  I would also like to thank my loving wife for her patience, dyslexic comedian Kamran Gill for proofreading the content of this collection, Maria Khan for the provision of raw materials, and the Internet.

  About the Author

  Now, let’s be honest. You didn’t purchase this collection of thoughts and poems to read about the author.

  So moving on now…


  This collection of thoughts and poems contains zero calories. I think it’s important to mention that right from the outset. In an era when people are checking calories on pears, pasta and even ground pepper, and drinking diet whatever with their greasy takeaway, you cannot be too careful. Zero calories. A moment on your lips, and not an ounce on your hips. This collection is better than choc-chip shortbread biscuits. No, that’s a lie, that’s too far, but the first bit is true. Zero calories.

  I am sometimes tempted to explain the background of my poems, the reasoning behind a poem, the inspiration. However, when I read articles from far more experienced readers and writers, they seem to unanimously agree that a poem should not come with an explanation. It does make sense. I would rather provoke thought, discussion and debate than give it all away. So I decided to leave out the explanations. (It also meant less work.)

  Wherever you read these poems, be it on a bench or a chair,

  Be it on your bed or the train, or sat on the loo somewhere,

  I hope some make you think and others make you smile,

  And I hope that you feel it is well worth your while.

  Twelve of the Clock

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  Dying Wish

  I can’t think

  I can’t talk

  I can’t sit

  And I can’t walk

  I can’t see

  I can’t hear

  I can’t eat

  But I’m still here

  For as long as I’m here

  Please treat me with respect

  For if you were in my gown

  It’s the least you would expect

  And when I die

  Don’t squabble or quarrel

  Let me lie in peace

  As I leave this world

  Welcome to Las Vegas

  The airport staff, the taxi driver, the entrance sign

  Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas

  You can do absolutely anything here

  As long as you have a fair few dollars

  Ringing slots and spinning roulettes

  But there’s more to Vegas than gambling

  The taxi has an unmistakable, pungent, skunky aroma

  As it transports you to shopping

  Dance all night like the fountains

  Or enjoy romance on the Gondolas

  You can try your hand with guns

  Or have a thrill on the roller coasters

  Great food, and a whole range of drinks

  Hopping between glamorous shows

  Ladies, gents, whatever flies your helicopter

  Some doors never close

  But when your money runs out

  Be wise, and say farewell to Vegas

  Because only with a fair few dollars

  Can you enjoy fabulous Las Vegas

  Monday Morning

  No, I am not fine.

  Don’t talk to me. I feel like shit.

  I hope you had a good weekend.

  But seriously, I don’t want to hear about it.

  Healthy Living

  Bridget would perform regular exercise

  She always kept a keen eye on the prize

  She was well focused on maintaining her health

  Even if it meant a dent in her wealth

  Rain or cloud, mist or fog

  Every morning, she would go for a jog

  And never carelessly would she overeat

  Although occasionally, she would allow for a treat

  She avoided alcohol, and refused to smoke

  Because its impact on health was no minor joke

  And for this reason, she seldom fell ill

  And if she did, she would recover without a pill

  Alfred the farmer wanted to be a bit like Bridget

  He too was now looking into getting himself fit

  He started to exercise on a regular basis

  And soon enough, he was competing in races

  Then he progressed to eating better

  A healthy eating plan he followed to the letter

  He cut out red meat, including his beloved steak

  And he refused to allow room for chocolate or cake

  So when he felt like eating a healthy chicken

  He knew precisely where he would gleefully go picking

  That was the day Bridget ended up being killed

  She was slaughtered and plucked, chopped and then grilled

  The Big ‘C’

  The dreaded news would knock any of us off our feet

  You knew it was a possibility, but you didn’t really believe it

  The diagnosis of cancer instantly makes you feel unwell

  And you are forgiven for thinking that you reside in a living hell

  The initial diagnosis takes the wind out of your sails

  You’re unsure how to react, unsure if you want details  

  You learn to cope with the news you didn’t want to hear

  No simple pill for cancer, but time is a great healer

  Indeed, ‘c’ is for cancer, but that’s not the big ‘C’

  For that’s just what some people made up, and I disagree

  The big ‘C’ is not for cancer, the big ‘C’ stands for Champions

  For the courage you show repeatedly, as you run your daily errands

  The big ‘C’ is for the researchers and doctors who work tirelessly

  The big ‘C’ is for the nurses providing great care with empathy

  The big ‘C’ is for the charities that keep raising money

  The big ‘C’ is for the generous people who donate willingly

  The big ‘C’ is for the families of people with cancer

  The big ‘C’ is for the su
fferers; past, present and, yes, future

  So to the doctors and researchers, keep on working

  To the fantastic nurses, keep on caring

  To the trusted charities, keep on fundraising

  To the people who are donating, keep on giving

  To the families of people with cancer, keep on supporting

  And to the people with cancer, keep on fighting

  You are the Champions, all of you are the Champions

  The big ‘C’ is for you, the big ‘C’ is for Champions

  Eleven of the Clock

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  No Need to Run

  A new day brings new hope

  No need to run, no need to elope

  It’s a new start, so start with a smile

  And the mistakes of yesterday, you can reconcile

  And when the night falls, do not shed tears

  Do not lie awake, forget about your fears

  There’s no need to run, no need to elope

  Because tomorrow’s another day, bringing new hope

  Comedy Laughs

  Emma travelled to a comedy gig in Rhyl

  She wet herself laughing listening to comedian Kamran Gill

  As it turned out, it was pouring down in Rhyl

  So Emma conveniently managed to disguise her accidental spill

  Carla’s Carrot Cake

  There’s no prize for guessing Carla loves cake

  She’ll get her hands dirty and have a good bake

  After getting stuck in

  She will ferociously tuck in

  And only crumbs will remain of Carla’s homemade carrot cake

  An Adventurous Life

  Mr Jefferson is sitting on the couch, with his spectacles sliding down his nose

  He looks around the empty room, as he shakes the breadcrumbs off his clothes

  Fifty-eight years of marriage, he would say they had a good run

  Some times were difficult, many times were great. Overall he concludes, life has been fun

  His dear wife is sorely missed; she passed away six years ago

  As each day passes and health deteriorates, he misses her increasingly more

  He wishes his children would come to visit, a little more often than they do

  He wants a little more contact with people, and ideally someone to talk to

  ‘It’s ever so lonely in this house,’ he thinks, staring into his empty teacup

  Kids are busy with their own lives, now that they’re all grown up

  Loneliness can be overpowering; some days were impossible to get through

  He would look at photos of his beloved wife, occasionally shedding a tear or two

  His best friend is now the television, and his best friend barely entertains

  He wishes it would be family instead, as he takes a pill for the back pains

  He will go for a walk most days, and today is going to be no different

  Once again, he can’t find his spectacles, and on he gets with the familiar hunt

  He is about to scratch his head, and accidentally feels something with his fingers

  He was wearing his glasses all along, whilst looking for them behind the sofas

  He chuckles as he gets his coat, but the reality of Alzheimer’s is found frustrating

  He gets upset about the glasses incident, and decides to cancel his outing

  It is a worrying situation, is this combination of loneliness and Alzheimer’s

  It pains him to look in the mirror, to see the life he lives, apparently of no importance

  But this life is not insignificant, this life had so much adventure in its day

  This purposeful life has accomplished great things, but now, Mr Jefferson doesn’t feel this way

  And he looks at his watch, he stares, ‘Crikey,’ he thinks, ‘It’s already ten minutes to two.’

  Breakfast took nearly four hours, and how, Mr Jefferson didn’t have a clue

  He sits down, shaking his head, and he drowns himself in self-pity

  He breaks down in tears, overwhelmed, a busy life is now empty

  His watch now reads ten past ten; he rummages through the kitchen drawer for a knife

  Confusion; ‘What is the actual time?’ Frustration; ‘This dementia is ruining me.’ Mr Jefferson slits his wrist, and takes his own life


  I feel so restricted; I wish I had lots of money.

  If I did, I could make my life complete.

  Now I have lots of money; I’ve bought everything I ever wanted.

  Yet I still feel incomplete.


  Alex said

  It’s all in your imagination

  Fear is in your head

  But when he saw the approaching, raging, seething, mad Alsatian

  He quickly denied what he said

  Killer Heels

  Watchful ears are piercing eyes

  No sound goes unseen

  Life is destroyed, extinct

  Wherever she has been

  Chilling, silent, deadly

  Looking for the next thrill

  She roams the streets

  For a perilous, satisfying kill

  A ghostly, elegant motion

  Gracefully lethal, deathly

  Deep, slow, steady breaths

  Killer heels leave but a mystery

  Ten of the Clock

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  Beyond Cloud Nine

  The feeling has been here for quite a while now

  It’s been bubbling inside like lava in a volcano

  The feeling had been suppressed and kept secret somehow

  And for so long, this secret of all secrets, no one came to know

  No apparent changes in behaviour were seen in her presence

  No signs, or signals, or subtle hints being made

  But matters have changed and reciprocating love has proven its existence

  And the twinkle in their eyes says this love will never fade

  He took his time, being over-cautious, almost even took too long

  But eventually, after deep thinking, he decided to stage the show

  He walked a dangerous path, uncertain whether this was right or wrong

  But he felt in his heart, this was one thing he had to know

  And he certainly got to know what he set out to learn

  But unlike him, she didn’t take her time to decide

  She was too sensible for that, and saw no benefit in making his stomach turn

  And told him the very next day, she’d love to be his bride

  And this, he will tell you, was the happiest day of his life

  The agonising few days before were definitely worth the while

  The girl of his dreams just said that she would be his wife

  And he was lost in a world of bliss, floating beyond cloud nine

  And she too will tell you she was swept off her feet that moment

  Overwhelmed and speechless, she put her head against his shoulders

  She knew he was someone special who would never give her torment

  Her mind was already made up, and now, he will always be hers

  The beginnings of a loving relationship occurred on this special night

  With friends and acquaintances not having a single clue

  Happiness and joy had been elevated to a completely new height

  And the good Lord overlooks, and protects, the love between the two


  Roses are red

  Violets are blue

  By golly they’re gorgeous

  But they make me go ‘aatchoo!’


  Another year, another wrinkle

  Why on earth do people celebrate birthdays?

  A few presents, and several hugs

  But I yearn for the impossible, my younger days

nbsp; Police Interview 3

  Why do you keep bothering me?

  I was considering buying the Chevy

  She said, “Sleep on it”

  So I got onto the bonnet

  And along you came in a hurry

  I’m Bored

  I’m bored of listening to other people’s problems

  I’m bored of waking up to the same old day

  I’m bored of going through the same old motions

  And bored of things being the same old way

  I’m bored of helping and getting nothing in return

  I’m bored of doing favours and being shown no gratitude

  I’m bored of being told of the respect I have to earn

  And bored of being told I’ve got the wrong attitude

  I’m bored of being present, but apparently of no significant opinion

  I’m bored of having no influence, and being the last to get the news

  So now I’m going to create my own world, and lose myself in oblivion

  And I’ll be gone. Inexistent. And then we’ll see who’s got more to lose

  Nine of the Clock

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  Sabrina the Writer

  Sabrina writes a lot.

  Sabrina claims to know what life was like before the Great War.

  But Sabrina wasn’t around then.

  So everything Sabrina writes about, Sabrina never saw.

  Wedding Wishes

  We wish you the very best

  Contentment, happiness, and all the rest

  A blissful life

  As husband and wife

  And children that tidy their own mess

  Disappointing Anniversary

  It was their ten-year anniversary. He said, “Darling, why are you wearing yellow? Don’t you think black makes you look less fat?”

  She looked down to the floor; her eyes began to fill with tears. She took a deep breath to maintain composure, and on the bed, she sat.

  She could only muster a whisper, “Chivalry is dead.” He soon recognised his insensitive remark, albeit typically late.

  He apologised, “I’m sorry, honey, that came out all wrong.” But her feelings were already hurt. For forgiveness, he must wait.

  She turned around to look at him. Her eyes said a thousand words. He joined her on the side of the bed.

  She knew fully well he didn’t have a clue what she meant. So she spelt it out to him, “No, you idiot, the dog’s dead. Chivalry is dead.”(1)

  “Oh,” he said.


  Oscar’s Wish

  Oscar keeps losing his voice.

  He wishes he had the voice of Eddie Mair.(2)

  Oscar quite likes Mr Mair’s accent too.

  But he accepts not all in life is fair.

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