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Vampyre Falls: Animal Heat

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Vampyre Falls: Animal Heat

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  Amber Quill Press, LLC

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  Vampyre Falls: Animal Heat

  An Amber Quill Press Book

  This book is a work of fiction. All names, characters, locations, and incidents are products of the author's imagination, or have been used fictitiously.

  Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, locales, or events is entirely coincidental.

  Amber Quill Press, LLC

  All rights reserved.

  No portion of this book may be transmitted or reproduced in any form, or by any means, without permission in writing from the publisher, with the exception of brief excerpts used for the purposes of review.

  Copyright © 2007 by Dream Romantic Unlimited LLC

  ISBN 978-1-60272-141-8

  Cover Art © 2007 Trace Edward Zaber

  Layout and Formatting

  Provided by: Elemental Alchemy

  Published in the United States of America

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  Thanks to Lon Chaney, Jr., and Michael Landon

  for introducing me to some pretty

  mesmerizing werewolves at an early age, and

  memories of Saturday night chiller

  movies. My love affair with creatures of the night

  has been a long-standing one.

  Chapter 1

  * * *

  There was something distinctly different about Treynor Black, and Rainna Elizabeth Spaulding was determined to find out what it was that drew her so irrevocably to the man.

  She couldn't decide what she loved best about him. Was it his mouth, which tasted like pure carnal delight? Maybe his hands, that seemed to be able to elicit every lustful response from her body. Or was it his mesmerizing, brooding gaze that made her melt every time she was in close vicinity?

  She gazed down, meeting the salacious, languid look in his shadowed eyes as she surged and dipped over his body, her wet pussy sucking at his thick cock, greedy to consume every bit of his length. A slow, morning fuck, before dawn, drawing out the elemental pleasure of enjoying his hard body. His hands rested loosely at her hips as she rose up and slowly settled in undulating, rhythmic cadence. Smoothing her hands over his rock-solid chest that was covered in rich, dark, silky hair, his slitted gaze locked tightly with hers, a half-smile on his sculpted lips, she roamed over his body at will.

  One thing she did know was that she enjoyed his body very much. Anytime he knocked on her door, there was never a thought of denying him. It didn't even matter that he'd stood her up for dinner the night before and showed up on her doorstep at midnight.

  She angled her hips, her vagina wrapped closer around his rigid cock, the tip of his penis skittering achingly against the entrance to her womb, sending shockwaves of pleasure throughout her body.

  Gazing out the window, regretfully she encountered the first wisps of dawn through the window. He would leave soon and whenever he left it was like ripping out a part of herself. It was an odd feeling she didn't quite understand.

  His departure shouldn't affect her so acutely. She hadn't known him long enough to feel a deeper emotion beyond liking and enjoyment of his company.

  Of his body.

  She slid up and down, coating his rigid shaft with her juices. He reached up and cupped her heavy breasts, kneading them rhythmically as she rode him like a belly dancer swirling her lush hips to seductive music.

  Almost from the moment he'd entered her cabin last night, he'd barely closed the door before they'd been down on the floor, tearing at each other's clothing as though they were about to be separated forever and time was running out. The intensity of her response to him was like being swept up in a tornado with little ability to control her actions. He'd pushed into her hard, fucked her deep. It was fierce and ravenous, as though they hadn't seen each other for months, rather than hours. There was little sense of reality or their surroundings, it was all about the sensations, the tangle of bodies melded in the driving heat of lust with no relief in sight even as she orgasmed time and time again.

  Sleep was hardly a glimmer in her mind. It rarely was when they were together. Some primal urgency seemed to overtake them as they imbibed deeply with lusty thirst. Their combined scents filled the air in the cabin. Sex and sweat, earthy and hot.

  She loved the scent of him--it filled her with the desire to mate--regularly and often. It was hot and male and clean, yet primal. It obliterated every other thought in her head, as though she was drenched in primitive heat and nothing mattered beyond fucking him.

  He reached up and wound his hand in her long, brown hair. Drawing her down, he fastened his lips over hers. Her fingers curled, digging into his chest, as he thrust his tongue deep into her mouth. The purr of satisfaction that coiled in her throat, erupted into muffled sound, swallowed by his kiss. He lifted her away.

  "I have to go, Rainna. It's almost light."

  That sense of panic she always experienced at those words, threaded through her and she felt her pussy grip his cock tighter as though trying to imprison him there. It wasn't a need to orgasm, it was simply a need to keep him with her, locked inside her. Forever.

  He shuddered beneath her and then groaned. "Dammit, woman. If I could cart you off into the woods and fuck you forever, it wouldn't be enough."

  Surprisingly, his words alone sent her over the edge one more time. They mirrored the thoughts spiraling through her head. She bucked and ground her hips, driving him deeper. He thrust upward and spurted his hot semen inside her.

  Damn, yes.

  How had she become so addicted to him so quickly?

  Once the tremors had lessened, she rose up and fell to the side of the bed, gasping for air. He twisted around, leaned down, and kissed her. He was preparing to leave. It was that kind of kiss.

  She lifted her arms to curl them around his neck.

  "Why, Trey? Why can't you stay?" She didn't want to beg. She didn't want to whine. It wasn't like her to play the simpering little woman.

  She'd always been a bit of a player, a flirt. Never engaging her emotions too deeply.

  She loved sex. Loved the adventure of fucking and for
eplay. But she'd never fallen in love, never felt quite this same sort of intimacy. The thought that it might be happening now, when she could least afford it, scared her to death.

  The springs on the bed creaked as Trey left it to dress. Rainna sat up, pulling the white sheet up to cover herself. Suddenly, she was cold. Without his fierce, burning body pressed against her, it was like an ice-cold downdraft from the mountain flayed across her. Her pussy was still sopping wet, feeling abandoned and empty.

  From past experience, she knew the edgy feeling would slowly dissipate once he left. It was odd how that always happened.

  "I should be angry with you for standing me up for dinner."

  He turned to give her a sideways, slanted look as he pulled on his scuffed brown leather boots. His expression was closed, as it often was whenever she asked him questions.

  "I have a job to do, Rainna. I can't always be where I'd like to be. Duty has to come first."

  She knew about duty. Duty was what had brought her here to this remote town at the base of Mt. Ranier.

  She sighed. "I understand, Trey. You have a job to do. Even though you won't tell me anything about it. Or about yourself."

  If it was possible for his expression to grow any more remote, it did. He bent down to tie the laces of his hiking boots. "In time, Rainna."

  He straightened and looked at her. God, she loved his eyes. They were the most unusual color of blue, pale, like the clearest reflection of cerulean sky on the waters of a pure mountain lake. Yet, Treynor Black was as deep as the waters of Lake Tahoe. There were layers to the man, and she hadn't been able to reach the heart of him. Not yet.

  But then, didn't she have her own secrets? A past she couldn't share with him? Didn't dare share with him?

  It seemed they danced around each other that way. Or maybe the better word was duel. Dipping close and jumping back.

  Except when they were fucking.

  He strode over to the bed, ripped the sheet away and hauled her up into his arms. The searing kiss locked them together for that one moment and she wrapped herself around him, absorbing his blazing heat. Memorizing the feel of his hard body as he pressed her close, the soft fabric of his plaid flannel shirt rubbed against her breasts and unbelievably she felt the heat of lust rising again. She always marveled at how it never seemed to waver when she was with him.

  She was left breathless when he finally lowered her back to the bed, his pale gaze slicing through her.

  "I'll see you later." His words, in that rough voice of his, frictioned across her body like fine-grained sandpaper. This primal heat would not abate while he was here. She had grown accustomed to the signals of her body, the tightening of her nipples, the steady flow of her juices when he was anywhere near her. She didn't even have to see him to know he was close--her body simply responded to his scent. The blazing fire of arousal never let up. One would have thought that considering the amount of fucking they had done over the last month, some of the need would have lessened. But if anything, it had only grown worse.

  "Will you be stopping by the diner for lunch?" That was how they had first met. She'd never forget that first encounter. She'd almost dropped a whole tray of dishes into his lap. Luckily, he'd caught the tray--and her--just in time.

  He shook his head. "Not today. But I'll stop by tonight."

  She bit her lip and nodded. Shivering, she pulled the sheet around her once again. "Later then."

  His gaze lingered on her. She had the sense that he found it as difficult to leave as she did to let him go. That he wanted to say something more. The thought warmed her somewhat.

  Then he whirled around and strode out the door. His absence left an empty silence inside the small cabin. Rainna glanced at the clock and noted it was only a little before five o'clock. Maybe she could get a couple hours of sleep before she had to be at work.

  She dropped back against the pillows, pressing her slick thighs close together. She pulled the pillow close and inhaled his lingering aroma. She knew from past experience the heat would slowly dissipate, but right now the ache was still vivid and pulsing. She reached up to cup her breasts and brushed her thumbs over her taut nipples, remembering. Her pussy clenched tightly with the echoes, clamping down on emptiness.

  But the feeling of contentment, of satiation didn't dissipate. She didn't know where this relationship was going to lead, but she couldn't bring herself to end it. Not yet.

  She'd been transplanted from town to town so many times, she'd lost count. The Witness Protection Program was more of a nightmare than a safe haven. It had been worse before she testified, but she still couldn't take a chance on building any lasting relationships. It was putting closure to that time of her life and the need to put down roots that had been the catalyst for her to make up her mind to leave the program and try to take back her life.

  But she still couldn't take too many chances with people she didn't really know. She'd taken back her real name, determined to retrieve who she was. But she still tried to be careful. She was far enough away from the situation that had gotten her into this mess, and the doctors responsible were now in prison, but it still paid to be cautious.

  It's one of the reasons why she was working as a waitress and not as a nurse. Less chance of being discovered.

  But then she'd met Treynor Black, and he was an animal of a whole different breed. From that first moment, the attraction to him was too fierce to deny. They'd hardly made it to somewhere private before fucking the first time. And once they'd started, they couldn't seem to stop. No place was safe when they were together. And everything was fair game.

  She smiled as she pulled up the quilt and snuggled beneath the covers. Her whole body ached in afterglow. It was going to be a long day, but at least she had tonight to look forward to.

  God. How would she survive if she had to leave this town, and leave Trey behind? It wasn't something she was going to think about right now. She simply wanted to bask in the lingering bright blaze of Trey's brand of lovemaking.

  Chapter 2

  * * *

  The scent of evil pulled him through the forest. It was the same odor as that of the team who had killed his pack mates. He dropped low to the ground as he followed the trail, lowering his nose close to the ground, then back up to sniff the air. The smell lingered thickly, surrounding him. It was sweat and stench, making him want to vomit at the thought of sinking his fangs into the flesh of someone as evil as this hunter.

  He didn't know his name, just his smell. It was something he would never forget. And the guilt that lingered with it. Trey was the alpha for the pack and he should have been there to protect them. He should have known the information he'd been given was false and that they'd been betrayed. If he'd stayed, they would have been strong enough to fight them off, but separated, it had weakened and left the ones who remained vulnerable.

  At least this time he knew his brothers were safely hidden in the mountains. This was a totally different situation from what had happened back east. He'd heard rumors of the Falls and the safety that could be found for shifters like him and the others. When they'd arrived, he'd been surprised at how organized everything was. It was a sanctuary created by and for species like him.

  As the government grew more and more determined to wipe out anyone with paranormal abilities, it had become of urgent necessity for the different species to band together to protect themselves from extinction. If you didn't sign the agreement to work with the government, then they figured you were against them and that marked you for extermination by the Paraspecies Investigation Agency. They were a new task force cloaked as an exploratory agency, but better termed as government assassins. It wasn't just a domestic organization, but had cells worldwide with ties to the highest level of government control. A shadow group that did the dirty work. And their jurisdiction extended to species like werewolves and vampires, and ran the whole gamut of special abilities, right down to the least bit of special power a human might possess.

  They watched a
nd they waited. Whole families were annihilated because of one person, maybe a seventh son of a seventh son, or whatever, who might hold a speck of ability. They were rounded up and brought in. They were tested, tortured, and eventually killed. More like a torturous inquisition than a simple questioning. Their plan was to wipe the paraspecies out completely.

  But it was the more obvious groups, like the wolves, who were at the top of the hit list. The price on their heads might make anyone think twice about what they could do with that amount of money. And that's how his own pack had been betrayed, and Kyle and Sybilla had been killed.

  The news that one of the wolfhunters was near Silver Creek had brought him down to the town. The mountain vampires had long-standing ties in the town--humans who were loyal to the Falls residents. That was how he'd gotten the information that PIA had sent someone in. The people in Silver Creek couldn't be bought, so it had to be someone from outside who had passed on the information that paraspecies could be found here.

  Trey's sole focus had been to find the men who had murdered his family. He'd never expected to meet a woman like Rainna in the process. One who fueled the mating instinct like no other woman he'd ever met. It was dangerous for him to associate with her. It could mean her death if this wolfhunter ever realized she was connected to him.

  Connected was a real good word. Every time he got in close proximity to Rainna Spaulding, it was like all his common sense flew out the window. He simply couldn't help himself when it came to her. Something a lot more basic than his brain took over. Pure, ingrained animal instinct. He supposed it was expected that it would eventually happen. Timing was not on his side and now certainly wasn't a convenient time in any respect to establish a mating.

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