The Sweetest Kill: A Young Adult Paranormal

      Amber Kalkes

The Sweetest Kill: A Young Adult Paranormal

*"Why didn’t you kill me like I asked?"
"I didn’t feel like it." *

Twenty-two year old Shoshanna has suffered depression since she was a child.

Once, she actually tried to end it all, but failed miserably. Since then, she has been struggling to keep a promise she made to her parents... one that she has regretted making ever since.

One day though, she sees news about a killer on the loose, who appears to be targeting girls around her age. Then an idea pops in her head: *What if I could end it all? Why does an innocent girl have to lose her life when she doesn’t want to? When I am stuck here living a life that I don’t want to live. *

So she decides to go on the hunt, find the predator, and… offer herself as a willing prey.

But is she going to get what she wants, or is she going to get more than she bargained for?


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