The Lethal Encounter

      Amy Alexander

The Lethal Encounter

Katie McGovern is a sales executive for Shire Electronics, a go-getting computer software company that specialises in security and logistics for other businesses. She reckons she has a pretty fulfilling lifestyle, a good circle of loyal girlfriends and is embarking on the start of a new, and potentially exciting, relationship with a work colleague.

However, just as she is finishing up a lucrative sales trip in the south of France, her life is thrown into disarray by a meeting with the Chief Executive of her company, the self styled bachelor and man-about-town, Peter Jarvis.

Chance throws them together that evening and the irresistible attraction they seem to have for each other could have ended in the hottest sex Katie had ever had in her life. But, just as chance had thrown them together, so a late night phone call from her beau back in London breaks the spell and Katie flees from Peter’s hotel room.

That should, maybe, have been it but when Peter coincidently invites himself to one of the sales meetings Katie is meant to be leading, he is delighted to see her again. The same cannot be said for Katie, who goes to pieces in front of him and her other colleagues.

This triggers a series of events that proceed to turn Katie’s personal and professional life upside down as she endeavors to get to grips with the emotional roller coaster upon which she has found herself.

Having any sort of relationship with your boss is never easy, but when your boss is a man like Peter Jarvis, it becomes almost impossible….as Katie would find out to her cost.

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