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  Ranch Refuge

  Virginia Vaughan
Ranch Refuge

HER COWBOY BODYGUARDR Laura Jackson trusts no man—especially after her father's gambling debts force her into the crosshairs of a ruthless loan shark. But when fearless army-ranger-turned-cowboy Colton Blackwell charges in to save her from the barrel of a gun, the self-reliant nurse must accept his help. Whisking Laura away to his secluded Louisiana ranch doesn't provide the sanctuary Colton planned. But he intends to keep his promise to protect her, despite secrets in his past that could drive her away. Laura may have a bounty on her head, but the only thing at risk under Colton's care will be her heart.
  • 71
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  Colton's Ranch Refuge

  Beth Cornelison
Colton's Ranch Refuge

"You know nothing about the real me." Ex-soldier
Gunnar Colton's only focus is shaking off the horrors of war in his remote cabin -
until a murderer abducts another victim from the neighboring Amish community. Now the
Colton code of honor kicks in and it's his duty to protect the eyewitness
who's the next likely target. Treating sexy, spitfire actress Violet Chastain as
just another assignment is next to impossible, though. There's more to her than
Hollywood and the hurt she's hiding. The minute Gunnar lets the starlet and her
twin baby boys into his home, the guard around his heart starts to crack. One taste of
passion shows him the future he could have with Violet - if the threat closing in
doesn't claim them both.

  • 16
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