Butterfly Palace

      Coble, Colleen

Butterfly Palace

Eleganceand wealth. Privilege and politics. The extravagance of the Butterfly Palace overwhelmed Lily's senses and nearly smothered her painful memories. She pushed away her misgivings . . . She was perfectly safe in this huge house.

Austin,Texas—1904: Abandoned by the love of her life and still mourning the loss ofher mother, Lily Donaldson has turned her back on the pain and come to Austinfor a fresh start, working for the Marshall family as a kitchen maid in theirluxurious mansion, the Butterfly Palace. The tasks before her are legion, and hermistress less than pleasant, but at least Lily's new life will be, if nothingelse, distracting. 

But onenight, while serving at a dinner party, Lily recognizes the man who abandonedher, Andy, her liaison from the livery stable, the blacksmith's son . . .sitting among the distinguished guests. Though he recognizes her, Andy does notacknowledge her aloud, and Lily is left reeling, flabbergasted,...

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