The Warrior Within
The Warrior Within

J.T. Marie

Literature & Fiction / Poetry / Nonfiction
The Order of the Soul has been disbanded for years, the sisterhood of the Warriors scattered to the winds. But when Makena wished to learn the Warrior's Way, Jhyssa took the young neophyte under her tutelage. Now the impossible has happened -- war has broken out in the land, and the battlecry sounds once more. Will Makena heed the Warrior's teachings or seek her own way?Actor, a young man of Ancient Greece looking to make a name for himself, ends up on a trail of side-kicking for some of the greatest heroes ever. However, each one seems to be a little off from their legend. Jason is a jerk. Perseus is an old fart. Theseus is a liar. And so on and so on. Only by the skin of his teeth is he able to survive each time, but when will he be the hero? When will he deserve to become a legend?This is a play in One Act intended for a minimum of two actors. It is a comedy-farce, and it requires a few basic props, blackbox theatre, some costume change for second (or more) actor(s), and repeatedly breaking the fourth wall. It's a good small piece for a mildly mature to fully mature audience.ATTN: Reading it is free. Producing it requires you to contact me the author. Please.
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