The Millionaire Gambler (Ashley's Choice)

      Laura Charles

The Millionaire Gambler (Ashley's Choice)

Ashley James was working in a coffee shop in Dallas when a handsome, well-dressed man walked in. He showed interest in her, and they began to date, though Ashley couldn't figure out why a wealthy, gorgeous man would have any interest in a woman who worked in a coffee shop. Her recent broken engagement has traumatized her to the point where she's surprised that any man would want her.

Ashley is further shocked to discover that Jason Richards, the rich, handsome man, is a high stakes professional poker player, and Ashley is both intrigued and scared by the prospect of dating a rich, handsome man who may be engaged in illegal activity.

Jason asks something of Ashley that may dramatically change her life forever.

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    Seduction of Steel: The Complete Series

      Laura Charles

Seduction of Steel: The Complete Series

All four Seduction of Steel stories in one volume, with a special bonus story only available in this collection!

Erotic Inspiration

"It was well written, clever, and sexy."

Author's note: This is a short story (5300 words) that is intended for adult audiences. The story contains scenes that are sexually explicit.

Jessica Steel is a college graduate who cannot find a good job. In the interim, she is working as a waitress in a diner. Her roommate, Amber, introduces Jessica to the world of erotic fiction. Intrigued, Jessica begins reading a lot of erotica, but is appalled at the poor quality of most of the writing.

Jessica decides that she is capable of writing more interesting and compelling erotica herself, and she sets out to do so, hoping to become a success as a writer.

This story has a "story within a story" format, as it also includes Jessica's erotic short story, "Deep Encounter on a Dark Road." In this story, two acquaintances meet for a cup of coffee, only to meet again later in an unexpected twist that leads to a steamy erotic conclusion.

Seduction of Steel

"A fun, sexy read."

Jessica Steel is a successful writer of erotic fiction with one serious problem - she has writer's block. Her most successful series has run its course and she doesn't have any new ideas. In order to find something interesting to write about, she decides to take a job on a cruise ship. She hopes that she will have some interesting adventures, or meet some interesting people, or both. At the very least, she will be able to enjoy spending eight months in the beautiful Caribbean.

On board the ship, she meets Ryan Stevens, a rugged, handsome mechanic. Jessica quickly falls for Ryan, but is concerned that their relationship may not have a future. She has no plans to stay on the ship long-term, and Ryan may be spending his career at sea.

Ryan has concerns of his own, including some that involve secrets he hasn't told Jessica.

As Jessica struggles with her conflicted feelings about Ryan, she discovers that he may not be what he appears to be...

Vegas Encounter

Vegas Encounter is the continuation of the author's previous Seduction of Steel.

It's an intriguing, erotic adventure featuring an attractive, spunky heroine and a smart, attentive, handsome hero.

Jessica Steel, fresh from her Caribbean adventure in Seduction of Steel, returns to writing erotic novels with a vengeance, writing about the gorgeous spy she met on the cruise ship.

Ryan, the spy, pays her a romantic visit and he says he's on his way to Las Vegas for his latest mission. Jessica is curious and suspicious about the nature of his work, and thinks she could become a better writer if she observed him in action. Without telling him, she follows him to Vegas and attempts to secretly spy on him as he engages in industrial espionage.

Stolen Secrets

Stolen Secrets is the continuation of the author's previous works in the Seduction of Steel series. Jessica Steel, author of erotic fiction, has met handsome industrial spy Ryan Stevens while on sabbatical.

Ryan's latest spy mission takes him and Jessica to New Orleans, where he must break in to a company's computer system to steal critical files. He enlists Jessica's help, but she's uncertain if what he's doing is legal and her concerns grow greater as Ryan is captured.

Jessica has fallen deeply in love with Ryan. What will happen if he's sent to prison?

Stolen Secrets offers exciting locations, a growing romance, dramatic tension, and of course, several intense erotic scenes.

Cayman Commitment, the concluding short story, is included as a bonus.

Approximately 63,000 words.
This book contains scenes of a sexually explicit nature and is intended for adult readers only.

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