Fatal Moon

      Laura Perry

Fatal Moon

Carl is becoming a wolf three nights a month, and it's killing him. Literally. As a six year med student, when Carl discovers he has contracted lycanthropy, and that he is suddenly losing weight at an astronimcal rate, he hires Jordan, a former classmate and personal trainer, to help arrest his weight loss while he searches for a cure. Jordan joins him in the manor that Carl's family owns in the Norther Cascades. They're joined soon by a mysterious young woman who claims she wants to turn the property into an eco-tourism resort, but it's clear she has a secret agenda. There is a showdown when Luke, the worldwide alpha werewolf, shows up at Carl's house just as the local werewolf pack arrives to euthanize Carl before he becomes a vampire, a doom that faces every werewolf who fails to make a successful metamorphosis. Carl has to convince Luke that he knows how to cure himself of the devastating wasting illness that one in three werewolves face when they become a new creature. But how do you convince a man that has been watching this happen for twenty-eight hundred years, who also has extraordinary psychic powers?

Moonphase is a series about noble werewolves, who are simply trying to save their hides when the extraterrestrial overlords who created them return, as they do once every 500 years, to make sure their creations have kept two simple laws; do not let humans discover you, and do not harm humans. The very existence of vampires, werewolves in whom the metamorphosis fails to work correctly, puts humans in danger as the failed werewolves prey on humans for the blood they need to survive, losing their ability to transform into wolves.

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