When Day Turns Night

      Lesa Fuchs-Carter

When Day Turns Night

In Ireland in the year of 1117, Dauid, Artan, and Artan's wife, Muirenn led an army upon castle Mac Raith, saving the country from his tyranny and evil ways. As Muirenn lay in the delivery bed, Artan pressed Dauid to take the crown, unaware that his wife had plans for it to be upon her own brow. King Dauid, desiring to honor Artan's family, granted their son Conchobor a blessing declaring that only Dauid's blood-son could usurp him as future king.

Twenty-two years later finds the king ailing with only two daughters, Ita, the adorable younger, and Jesmaine, the beautiful and regal elder. Their union is much sought after, until Conchobor arrives and the realization is made that he is as evil as Mac Raith was. Jesmaine finds comfort in the arms of another man, but will they be able to conquer Conchobor, despite the King's blessing?

Warning: This 11,200 story-heavy short story is full of romance and erotic sex and may be considered extreme by some audiences. Not for those under 18.

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