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The Truth Lies Beneath Your Eyes
The Truth Lies Beneath Your Eyes

  Copyright 2011 Nzingha Keyes

  Chapter One:

  Familiar place with a brand new face

  “Refrain please, from everywhere and anywhere and don’t stay near ‘cause I don’t care who you are. Please remove yourself from in the way of the sunlight, much appreciated,” the girl said. Ugh, am I really smart or are people getting immensely dumber as time passes, She thought. She turned back, half snarling as the striped hood that covered her head slipped back enough to let in a ray of sun in her eyes.

  “Dude, move,” she said. He stayed in his position trying to read the manga novel she had in her hand that was now closed. “Listen you nosy-ass-fucker, you’re in my light and now my air space,” she said standing up on the staircase reluctantly, because she was in absolutely no mood for this guy and his bullshit.

  “Temper, temper,” he said.

  “Shove it, your ruining my peace,” she said Jumping down the stairs to go lean on the parked cars. The bell rang to head inside; she did just that while making sure to shove passed the asshole she encountered this morning.

  “What’s your name kid,” The guy had caught up to her.

  “One, I’m fourteen and two, what’s it matter to you?” She said.

  “Wow I thought that you were like twelve, I’m fourteen as well. I am looking for my uh, tour guide, I’m new here,” He said. She looked up at him curiously,

  “You’re from…Europe, I can hear it. My names Amethyst,” she said pulling the hood from off her head.

  “Nice name, I’m Alias,” He said. She laughed,

  “You’re not serious, doesn’t your name mean ‘false name’?” She asked.

  “Precisely, but my mom loved how it sounded and thus my name,” He said with a smile.

  “Well if I’m your tour guide, I’ll need to see your schedule,” she said.

  “Oh yeah, here,” he handed it to her.

  “Alias Damien Cardei,” she read aloud.

  “Amethyst Lyell Alexander,” He countered.

  “Whoa there stranger danger, how do you know my full name?” She asked suspiciously.

  “The world works in mysterious ways,” he said.

  “Uh yeah, well here’s your study hall,” She said.

  Sitting in her seat she looked at Alias. No matter how nice he just was he’s still strange, she thought. He looked normal, just like any other average teenager. White t-shirt, dark blue jeans and red and white converse with a black backpack. He was tan with light brown hair that stopped right below his ears and had freckles. He had amber colored eyes with green in them and an AC/DC wristband, whatever. Like one of those undercover superheroes, she thought. She pulled out the D.N. Angel manga she had been reading before Alias came along. Five minutes into that she could feel someone standing over her, she looked at the ground and saw Alias’s converse and then threw the book in his face. He caught it and laughed.

  “You have anger issues, kid” he said flipping through the book.

  “What did I tell you about calling me kid and you have a lacking of common sense, most people know not to do that,” She said.

  “Go catch the next slow boat to hell,” She added while snatching the book from his hands.

  Math class, math sucks. What dude thought up this stupid number junk anyways? I wonder if he was trying to draw a family called ‘the numbers’ and they were in groups. Then his teacher told him to make a project and he made up math by mistake? If that’s how it happened Then someone needs to beat the shit out of him for giving teacher a new reason to assign homework and then strangle-hey pay attention!!!

  “Well Amethyst would you like to tune in long enough to answer the question?” The math teacher asked.

  “Honestly?” She asked.

  “Cut it, answer the question,” The teacher replied.

  “I would really rather not,” She said.

  “Well then what’s the question at least?”

  Oh hell no, that looks like a war between the green on the chalk board and the chalk, she thought.

  “Umm, no I really can’t.”

  Alias was in all her classes, and that seemed like it was going to evolve into a problem. She looked up at where Alias sat, with a strange look on his face. He looks at people like…toy soldiers, like it’s all a child’s toy. She thought. Trying to figure out the predictability of the people here, quite strange seeing as you have only just gotten here. School takes too much attention, she thought. The day was moving slowly and besides talking to some people Amethyst was very bored. Class was tedious and tiresome. Science was fun Algebra was a battlefield and now it was time for statistics, A hell-zone. Just as I thought I would be entertained, I end up here, she thought. She took as seat on the floor against the wall as opposed to on a chair.

  “Everyone this is our new student Alias Cardei,” their teacher said

  . Well isn’t that pointless, what are we five “everyone say hi to Alias”, she thought. “Tell us something about yourself,” the teacher continued.

  “No thanks,” Alias said quickly and took his seat.

  “Why might I ask are you sitting on the floor?” Alias asked.

  Amethyst shrugged, “I’ll let you know when it matters”.

  And as the light shines, no lies

  Like diamonds and fireflies

  Jewels and all the things that shine

  So pure you are stuck in my mind

  But I am not you

  I am not clear

  And if you see my mind

  You see my fears

  Can only hope you turn away

  Before the sun burns through me

  Word to the wise, you shouldn’t care

  That’s what was written in her math book. Around it was the do now and a definition of something she would probably see on an upcoming test. Ich nein habe Achtung fur Mathe, She thought. Thoughts in German, the language she was learning. She thought “

  I don’t have attention for math”. She looked up to see Alias looking down at her.

  “What?” she said.

  “Nothing, nothing,” he said looking back at his paper.

  Now it was time for lunch and she didn’t care much where Alias had run off to. He will probably find

  some people to chill with while I chill with mine.

  “Hey Sparks, hey Sunny, hey Kitty,” Amethyst said. “Hey moonlight,” They all said in unison.

  “What’s the deal with the new kid?” Sunny said.

  “I don’t know but he went from irritating to cool to irritating in one morning,” She responded, pulling her hood back up as quickly she stepped out into the sun. Nicknames that suited perfectly since the first day we all talked, unknowingly of course, she thought.

  “Hey Sunny D, what do you want for lunch,” Amethyst asked jokingly. Sunny smacked her upside the head with a smile.

  “Oh you trick!” Amethyst said returning the favor.

  “I told you not to call me Sunny D, that sounds mega homo,” she said.

  “And I told you I don’t listen, so were even,” Amethyst said. Sunny walked inside along with Sparks. “

  Moonlight, where is the new kid from?” Kitty asked.

  “I don’t know somewhere in Europe,” She answered.

  “Dude, go somewhere!” Amethyst said under her breath.


  “He’s fucking grilling me from across the street, new kids a stalker,” she answered. Kitty looked over to where Alias was standing,

  “Yeah but a hot stalker.”

  “Did you enjoy your lunch?” Alias asked while standing next to her.

  “Ultimately yes,” sh
e responded.

  She has a point, he is kind of hot…or it might just be his accent, she thought. “Mine was rather uninteresting, people are of fleeting intelligence…well most,” he said. “

  Most, who are the exceptions?” She asked while writing in her small notebook.

  “So far you, but I don’t know other people and don’t remember most names,” he said.

  “hmm is that right?” she said sounding slightly interested.

  “Yes and your name is interesting where did it come from?” He asked. She moved her dark brown and highlighted hair from out of her eyes to reveal purple Amethyst colored eyes with specks of gold in them,

  “that’s how,” she responded moving her hair back to its original position. He sat there astonished by the color and well she didn’t care,

  “Moonlight, come play soccer with us!” Kitty and Sunny yelled from the gym floor.

  “Later Alias,” she said taking off her hoodie and climbing off the bleachers.

  “I trust you not to go through my backpack,” she finished as she ran to go play. Gym was for distractions and energy.

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