Samantha Cook

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(Short Story, Sci-Fi, Alien Invasion) Everything is going fine for Anaximander, until one day he awakens to find that his home is being overrun by an alien force.Prequel to Ascent of the Fallen, Book I of the Chronicles. Set almost a decade before, Lord Fallondon Breck is a young knight searching for glory and purpose in the Kingdom of Heaven. After campaigns near Jerusalem he is stationed along the pilgrim road in Syria and tasked with an important mission: find and stop an unknown killer crucifying those traveling to Antioch.Fallondon's company of knights are dispatched to Ghmam, a remote village in the hills near Tishreen. Before he can do anything about his errand, he must face his most challenging trial: winning over the villagers, their proud leader, his resourceful son, and his beautiful daughter. Little does Fallondon know that the spiritual forces of darkness are already set against him.This prequel novella tells the tale of how crusader knight Lord Fallondon Breck met his love, won his spurs, and faced down evil. It's a blend of Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker-inspired spiritual warfare combined with the action and adventure of Kingdom of Heaven, Robin Hood, and The 13th Warrior. If you enjoy Christian fantasy mixed with military-inspired action and 12th century historical fiction, you'll love this! Join Lord Fallondon Breck and his knights as they challenge evil and seek to recover their most precious reward: their own hearts.Favorite beta reader comment: "I didn't put it down it was that good. Finished in one sitting!"
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