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Never Enough

  Copyright © 2018 by Sarah Clay

  All rights reserved.

  No part of this book may be reproduced, copied, resold or distributed in any form, or by any electronic or mechanical means, without permission in writing from the author, except for brief quotations within a review.

  This book is a work of fiction.

  Names, characters, businesses, organizations, places, events and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead is entirely coincidental.

  Chapter One


  I’m not quite sure how I’d ended up on the floor, all I know is one second I was rushing to get to the enrolments office, before they closed for the day; the next second I see a blur of movement and feel the wind getting knocked out of me. Surely I would have seen a wall, I definitely would have remembered if there was a wall in the middle of a hallway. That’s what I’m telling myself, as I suck in some vital air to my lungs. I haven’t been sleeping very well at night; but I’m not that tired surely. When I look to my left, remnants of the much needed caffeine I was inhaling is smeared all over the floor. But my attention is distracted by a movement and all of a sudden huge hands are sweeping me up off of the floor in one easy motion and holding me in place. I look around and thank god there’s no one else in the halls who could have witnessed my splattering. No, like good self-respecting adults they’re not rushing through hallways at the last minute like me.

  Looking down to my forearms I find his hands have remained. Jerking my gaze back to the guy holding me up; I have to crane my neck up to take him in, his tall easily 6’4 to my 5’5 with solid shoulders, his dark hair is messy with hand streaks through it, like instead of spending an hour getting ready his just stepped straight out of a shower and shook the water out with a swipe of his fingers. His got the most interesting eyes, they’re a light shade of blue with a darker hue around the edges that are splintering through. His mouth is turned up only slightly; seemingly amused at our little encounter, while possibly still concerned with the fact that neither of us have uttered a word to each other while we’re both assessing the other. I move my eyes down just slightly and take note of what his wearing, a black tee wraps itself snuggly around his impressive chest and arms while he wears a pair of faded denim jeans that fit his thighs and height perfectly, topped off with a pair of timberlands.

  His attractive of course, I may not have noticed him in my rush but I wouldn’t be fooling anyone if I tried not to notice him now. I feel my face redden when I look down at myself, I’m wearing a simple pair of canvas TOMS, my jeans are practically painted on to my legs with how tight they are but they are the most comfortable pair I own; even if it is way past time to retire them. I’ve got an off the shoulder grey tee on; that’s now decorated with remnants of my long lost coffee. It’s the end of the day So I just know the light application of makeup I applied this morning has long since ran away and if the hair that’s falling in to my eyes is any indication; I look like a hot mess. Blowing the hair out of my eyes before stepping back, causing his hands to drop away. He coughs and draws my attention back. I bite down on my lip, forcing myself to look up and meet his stare; that’s when I know I’m busted; I’ve just checked him out so blatantly I can’t even hide it. The second he notices my cheeks flush red he smirks at me showing just a slither of straight white teeth and I just know his going to ruin the illusion I’ve painted of him in my mind. The smirk is full of cockiness and he doesn’t disappoint.

  “If I was a betting man, I’d say you intentionally collided with me just to start up a conversation” he starts “but sweetheart, all you had to do was stop by and say hello... no concussions necessary.” He slowly appraises my body again with his eyes creasing slightly as he does. It makes me more than a little uncomfortable so I grab my bag and swing it in front of me, blocking some of my body. But it all it does is cause him to drop the smirk and give me a full blown smile instead, “because there is no way I would have turned you away” he finishes.

  Wow, I don’t even speak to begin with. Shaking my head instead as I move to step past him but he stops my direction by leaning in to me, “Why don’t we head out; I’ll even replace the coffee. After, we can go back to yours.” He speaks with so much confidence, his not asking; his telling. I just stare at him. I’m not blind. I doubt he has to work very hard for the masses of female attention that attend The University of Sydney, but surely he doesn’t think I’m just going to turn around and go home with him. I laugh to myself, I don’t even know his name. I mean sure... another coffee would be nice and considering his the one who obviously stepped out in to my path he really should replace it, it would be the gentlemanly thing to do. I scoff out loud this time, there is definitely nothing gentlemanly about him. I cover my mouth to hide it, garnering his attention back to my face, yeah his eyes were definitely downcast on my chest; I cross my arms over my shirt to block his view, causing his brows to raise and that smirk to reappear. He didn’t even care he’d been the one busted this time. I shake my head at him again, sure I’m going to hurt myself if this keeps up.

  Attempting to step around him again, he reaches up to stop me. “Come on sweetheart, don’t act shy now. Hell you were plastered to me just a few seconds ago.” He raises a brow in challenge and waits for me to accept his offer, but I’m not that girl, I’m not going home with him or anyone for that matter. I have too much on my mind to even consider it, nope I’ve seen enough guys coming and going from my mother’s bed to know how it all ends. That’s when I remember what I’m even doing here, I’m later now then I already was. Looking back up at him with a smile, hoping I can pull this off. Finally, he releases me and gives me a curt nod, clearly thinking his got his victory. I watch as he turns in the direction of the fluorescent EXIT sign but when I keep walking towards my original destination he pauses looking back over his shoulder. Just as he goes to speak; I cut him off, turning so I’m facing him as I continue walking backwards. “I’m not interested, but in future you should really step on the brakes with the cockiness and when I say step on them I mean slam your foot down hard enough to break it... sweetheart” I laugh as I right myself and walk off. I know I shouldn’t be a bitch, especially because I don’t know what type of guy he is. He could be pissed I’d crushed his ego or something. But I couldn’t help myself.

  Chapter Two


  Walking in to the apartment I kick off my work boots before ripping my dirty high vis shirt up and over my head. Throwing it towards the laundry door; it’s been a long week and I’m glad as fuck its Friday. I spot my brother with his head in the fridge as I throw my keys and wallet down on the kitchen bench, he doesn’t even bother to stand up and acknowledge me; I’d barely seen him all week with the long hours I’d been working, he’d been getting his shit ready to start University next week. Calling over his shoulder, still not looking up from his place “we’ve got nothing to eat man, I’m fucking starving.” I shake my head, this guy; complains we’ve never got food but never stops eating. His lucky his not a fat fuck, but we’re both pretty lucky on that front. Something about a good metabolism or something. The only difference is I work in construction and am constantly carrying around heavy timber and steel. Jase and I are twins.

  Born 11 minutes apart, not officially Identical but we are in most every way. Except where he keeps his hair neatly shaven, I’ve let mine grow out a bit and while his solid, I’m bigger; something I never let him forget. His nose is straight whereas mines been broken a time or two before, leaving me with a subtle kink. We definitely have our own interests. His the smart one out of our pair, probably why his attending University to a get a double degree and I’m not.

  He does come o
ut most weekends with me to have some drinks and enjoy the never ending line of pussy that trails us, but his more focused on earning that degree. While his content to keep his head between the books, I’m content to keep my head between a nice set of thighs. He doesn’t love the way I live my life and thinks I’m throwing my future away. Apparently I’m angry, but you would be too if your mother walked out on you when you were just a couple of years old and your father was too busy working to raise you. Jase though he didn’t get angry, just kept continuing to focus on his studies and future, having the occasional relationship along the way. He might not agree with my strategy but his always got my back. “Did you hear me?” he calls out as he reappears with two beers.

  He throws one at me, I catch it and crack off the beer cap throwing it back at him; he moves out of its way with ease letting it drop to the ground. Walking over to lounge room, I throw myself down on the recliner as he rounds the couch and takes his normal spot. Flicking the TV to whatever shit he was watching before I interrupted. “Where are we headed tonight? Brad and Max are putting on something casual.” He asks straight-faced. But when I look at him he breaks and we both laugh. “It’s never casual with those two fuckers, yeah let’s hit it up.” I stand up and take a few big gulps of my beer; while peering at the time. “If we head over early they might even feed us.” I should know not to joke with him about food; his already standing and hustling towards the bathroom to get ready. I laugh and sit back down in the spot I’d just vacated.

  “Wait so she pretty much told you to piss off then” his laughing so hard at the idea of it. I’d just finished filling him in on the little birdy who flew in and then fled just as fast. We’d been in hallway on Monday afternoon at his school I reminisce with disappointment. She was fucking hot; she was in a rush clearly. Didn’t even see me step out of the adjoining hallway before colliding with me. I’d had to drop off some shit at the main office for Jase. After he heard I’d taken the day off he’d hit me up.

  I was supposed to do it first thing in the morning but had slept off the mother off all hang overs instead. I didn’t even have enough time to grab her before she fell to the ground. I felt fucking terrible for it to, I mean it was an accident but it must of hurt. When I pulled her up on her feet she was as light as a feather and a little dazed, leaving me with enough time to catalogue her body. The top of her head come up to just below my shoulders. Her dark brown hair was in a high pony tail, well most of it anyway. I’m not normally an eyes man, but this chick had the greyest fucking eyes I’d ever seen. I noticed she looked a little tired, probably a few late nights in town.

  Moving down her face I saw she had a little turned up nose and a full pouty mouth, her bottom lip a little bigger then the top. Her body was unreal. How I would have liked to be a pair of jeans, the ones she had on to be exact. They were like a second skin on her and that arse when she turned away from me, yeah I’m an arse man and hers was impressive to say the least. I’d made a joke about her intentionally falling over me and offered to take her for more coffee and more fun. I normally just cock my head in a direction and they come a running, but she scoffed at me. An actual scoff, but the second she dropped that smile on me and a tight little dimple peeked through, I knew she’d realised it wasn’t worth playing hard to get and missing an opportunity. I’m not trying to sound like a prick, but it’s been this way for years, and I’ve gotten accustomed to the game. When she walked away, I was shocked. But when she told me to pump the breaks and then disappeared, I’d just stood there and laughed like a punk. She had actually kept on walking, no game. She just left and that was that.

  My brothers laughing causes me to break in to a smile and I just nod at him beside me as I drive us over to the guys’ place. They were only about a 10-minute drive away from our apartment but we’d ended up stopping at a local pub to grab some food before heading over. Max had a townhouse his dad had purchased for him. So long as he continued to pass his course load that was laid out for him, attended company dinners and asked how high when his dad said jump, it was all his. It’s a sweet set up, but fuck that. Jumping through hoops for someone just to have a roof over your head.

  I pull my Toyota Hilux in to their street and notice all the cars lining the streets. Yeah, casual never happens. Brad moved in with Max at the start of year, we’d all attended high school together and were a tight group. The townhouse is two bedrooms upstairs with a big open plan layout downstairs; perfect for parties. We planned to utilise it as much as possible these next few years. As I pull up to the driveway Jase jumps out and moves the hazard cones that had blocked off the only remaining car space in walking distance.

  Cutting the engine and grabbing my shit before climbing out. Jase doesn’t bother waiting for me just heads in. I take my time following after him and as soon as I open the door I’m greeted with the loud bass. Catching the attention of the few close by. Greetings are called out from all over. I may not be attending school with the boys, but we grew up in the area and are well known. I give a few hugs and gruff pats on my way to the kitchen where I know I’ll find the shots. On my way I spot Jase in the corner talking to a cute red head and figure his set for the night, didn’t take long. I laugh and continue on my way, knowing it won’t take me much longer to find someone to go home with either.

  Chapter Three


  “Remind me why I’m taking this class?” I groan in Bree’s direction as I stalk around our apartment snatching up my things. “Something about being a grown up and having a solid future in place” she mimics me as she rounds the corner from her bedroom still wearing her pyjamas and slippers. She still looks a million bucks and I wish I could hate her for it, even just a little bit. Aubree or Bree as I call her is my best friend. We met on the first day of school and have been inseparable ever since. She knows just about every dirty dark secret I hold and has never judged me, in fact she’s patched me up and begged me to tell someone my secrets many times.

  But I wouldn’t and she knew it so instead of getting angry or upset, she’d help get me away from home as much as possible. You wouldn’t pick us two out together that’s for sure. She’s undeniably beautiful. Long blonde hair, big blue eyes and an incredible body from dancing for all these years. If that’s not enough, she is an incredible person too. So nice and funny. She’s that girl that walks in to a room and lights it up.

  “Right, well remind me next time that I don’t do mornings” I laugh as she passes me my phone and keys, walking me towards the door of our apartment. It’s an old little apartment, but it’s all we could afford. That’s a lie, it’s all I could afford. Bree could afford almost anywhere, at least her parents could. We’d talked about moving out of home ever since we were little and she was adamant we would be living together and I was adamant I would only do so if I paid for half. I wouldn’t budge and neither would she, so we ended up here. There was nothing wrong with it per say, it just wasn’t in the greatest complex. Definitely a step up from the last place I called home though that’s for sure.

  “You’ll be fine, you’re just nervous” she assumed all to correctly. Ducking my head as I chew on my bottom lip. I feel her reach out with a gentle hand on my arm so I stop and look up at her. She’s smiling “Edie, you CAN do this.” I give her a small nod and go back to worrying my bottom lip between my teeth. “How about we meet up for lunch when you’re done?” It perks me right up “yeah? we could go to that little cafe across the road from the school, what’s it called?” this earns me a big smile. “Dukes! Yes, it’s a date” she winks and opens the door for me nudging me out with a swat on my butt. “Have fun, I’m going back to bed for a few hours, Monday mornings and I aren’t friends” I roll my eyes at her and head off for class, knowing exactly how she feels.

  I make it to the campus in no time, while I can’t drive; I can walk. Bree is normally with me outside of school anyway and she drives us in her little Mazda 3, so it’s an easy setup. I’d been studying the School directory online for months, whene
ver I was over at Bree’s. The campus is beautiful; it’s set in the heart of Sydney. The buildings are a mix of old sandstone and modern architecture with the most well-manicured lawns and landscaping I’ve ever seen. It’s a huge campus and there are always so many people gathered around. There’s even a graffiti tunnel that the school allows, there’s some backstory to it that I can’t really remember. I walk in the direction I know my first class is being held. A few people smile and offer a wave, I return the gestures albeit subtly and continue on.

  As soon as I get to the classroom I walk up to the back of the room and take a seat. Pulling out my books and pen so that I’m ready for when the teacher arrives. Sloping down a little in my chair, I continue asking myself how I’m going to pull off this whole business degree. It’s only the hundredth time since my walk to campus. I’m lost in my own thoughts when I hear the chair beside me get dragged out and someone sits down. I don’t look over, instead I edge over to the other side of my space as much as possible without being obvious.

  Picking up my pen I start tapping it obnoxiously against my books. The person next to me is getting themselves set up. I can hear a laptop powering up and the rustle of paper, but I still don’t chance a glance. Minutes pass and I’m still tapping my pen in front of me. I’m dreading the start of the class but I want it to be over all at the same time. I tap my pen a little too hard and am startled by the voice next to me. “Hey now, what did the pen ever do to you?” a deep chuckle follows after. I stop tapping and cut my eyes sideways, yep his all male. Solid build and tall, I’m surprised he seems so comfortable crammed in to the little chairs provided for us. What is it with the guys at this school being so good looking, I think of all the encounters I’ve had over the past few weeks since relocating the hour from home to here for school. There must be something in the drinking water that didn’t quite make it out to the Western Suburbs.

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