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Billion Dollar Wood

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Billion Dollar Wood

  Billion Dollar Wood

  Sophia Banks

  Published by Banks Books, 2015

  This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places or events are entirely coincidental.


  First Edition. December 9, 2015

  Copyright © 2015 by Banks Books

  Written by Sophia Banks

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  Ever since Mr. Kingston asked over to his place for dinner I’d been wondering what it would be like to have sex with him. There were so many questions in my head and it wasn’t just our cultural differences, although him a white man and me a black woman certainly created a somewhat taboo barrier.

  It wasn’t our age difference that kept me up at night neither, although he was at least twenty years senior to my twenty-four. Tyler Kingston obviously took care of his body and truth be told he looked better than the majority of men my own age. As a matter of fact if it weren’t for his lightly dusted salt and pepper hair I probably would have pegged him for a man in his early thirties, at most.

  Of course his salt and pepper hair wasn’t the only characteristic that aged him; he was also filthy rich and in my experience that was a trait reserved for older men.

  No, what had been keeping me up at night, outside of being excited at the thought of being desired by such a powerful man, was the simple fact that I was still a virgin. Sure, I’d played around with a few men but outside of some heavy petting I’d kept my cherry all to myself. And this worried me to no end.

  Would Tyler still want me if he knew how inexperienced I was? Would he be worried I would be too clingy after the fact? Would he want to bother with teaching me how to be a lover?

  More importantly was I ready to have sex with a man? It surely felt as if I was but I wasn’t so sure. It wasn’t like I was waiting for marriage or anything, more like I was waiting for a man who got me so horny I simply had to have him. And thus far Tyler had done just that.

  When I first took the job as his secretary I found him attractive, sure. Who wouldn’t? He’s handsome, charming and dresses about as well as you can expect a man to. But I’d been attracted to men before and never had felt a burn inside me. A desire so strong it had to be fed. So what was different?

  Well, for starters it was the way Tyler carried himself. I’d never met a man who simply demanded attention wherever he went. Even if you didn’t know who he was—and most people in the city of Boston did—when he entered a room people just knew he was a person who demanded respect. There was a certain aura about him that caused people—men and women alike—to come undone in his presence. Being exposed to him on a daily basis had put me in a trance and after a few weeks of working for him I found myself waking in the middle of the night, sweat on my brow and a dampness between my legs. Of course I’d been dreaming of Mr. Kingston. Imagining him taking me at work, clearing my desk and devouring me right then or there. Other times we would be at my place, soaking in a bath, me riding his cock as I gripped my porcelain tub, my knuckles whitening with strain.

  These dreams became a nightly affair and they only intensified the longer I got to know my new boss. You see, Tyler had a way of making me feel like the most important girl in the world when he talked to me. He made me feel like I was somebody important, a vital component to his business and not just a girl who fetched his coffee and managed his schedule. He was sort of hypnotic, truth be told and as embarrassed as I am to admit this, there would be occasions when I would have to run to the ladies room and fan myself off after a meeting with him.

  I’d gone from a girl who played with herself maybe two or three times a month to one who was touching herself on a damn nightly basis and it was all because of my damn boss. My disgustingly rich, obscenely handsome, boss. My life was supposed to become easier when I took this job and it some ways it had. I no longer had to worry about my bills, for instance. In other ways being Mr. Kingston’s secretary had made my life a damn hot mess.

  A really, really hot mess.

  And it seemed things were going to just get worse because just today as he was leaving for the day, Mr. Kingston pulled me aside and asked me over to his place for dinner this Friday night. He made it clear that I could say no and suffer no consequences and I believed him. But how could I say no? How could any sane woman—never mind one who has having nightly fantasies about being fucked by him—say no?

  Instead I’d said nothing. Just stood there like a damn fool with a crazed look on my face.

  “Are you okay, Kara?” he’d asked me. “Like I said, it’s quite okay if you say no. I know this his highly improper of me, I just can’t stop thinking of you.”

  I came back to life and smiled. “No, it’s quite okay, Mr. Kingston, you just caught me off guard is all.”

  My boss smiled. “If it’s just the two of us you can call me Tyler.”

  “Okay, Mr. Kingston. I mean. Tyler.”

  Another moment of silence passed between us. “So, is that a yes?”

  I finally found my bearings. “Sure, I’d love to have dinner with you this Friday. Where do you live?”

  He placed his hand on my shoulder and gave me a gentle squeeze. “I live at the top of this building, Kara, in the penthouse. So just bring a change of clothes with you to work if you like. You can get ready at my place. I have a separate bathroom you can use.”

  A penthouse. With a separate bathroom, for me to get ready in. Was I ready for this? Did it matter? I knew if I turned him down I would spend the rest of my life questioning the decision. So I did what any sane woman would do. I decided to see him and most likely give him my body.

  “Sure thing, sir. I mean Tyler.”

  Tyler smiled and left for the day and since then I’d been frantic with worry. Of course he’s going to seduce me and there’s no way I could refuse him. Shoot, I had no desire to refuse him. As a matter of fact I’d been secretly praying that he would seduce me. But now what? How was I going to be please a man who has probably bedded some of the finest women in the world?

  And I didn’t even know how to give a blowjob, for goodness sakes!


  “Well Kara it’s pretty simple. You grab ahold of his cock, stick it in your mouth and then suck on it. If you do a good job his dick will quiver and you will get a nice creamy surprise.”

  “Ashley, it can’t be that simple, can it?”

  Ashley laughed. “No, it isn’t that simple actually. To be quite honest its far more complicated than that but I don’t see what you’re all worked up about. Just tell the man you’re a god damn virgin and let him take care of the rest. You’re giving him something special, girl. Most bitches these days start sucking and fucking when they still in middle school.”

  I shook my head. “When did you start?”

  My best friend rolled her eyes. “In middle school.”

  We shared a laugh but a minute later I was racked with anxiety again. Tomorrow night was the night and I still couldn’t help but feel silly. “I don’t know if he’s going to view it that way, Ashley. As a matter of fact I think he’s going to look at me like I’m some sort of weirdo or something. Who the hell is a virgin when they are twenty-four?”

  “You the only one I know,” she replied. “But still, don’t let it stress you out none. Like I said, just tell the man you been saving yourself for someone special. Tell him you want him to teach you how to please him. Men love that shit. Trust me.”

  “Yeah? Are you sure?”

  “Hell yeah I’m sure. I don’t care how rich this man is, he still has a damn ego. And here’s your fine ass, telling him he’s the one special enough to break you in. A fine ass girl like yourself. Shit, this fool barely gonna be able to co
ntrol his happiness, you just see.”

  I thought about it for a moment and what Ashley was saying made sense. “Is there anything else I need to know?”

  Ashley thought for a moment. “You think he got a big one?”

  I thought about that for a second and a smile crept across my face. “Well, he’s tall. And he’s got really big hands. Not to mention he wears tailored pants and you can sort of see the outline of it, so yeah, I guess you could say it’s pretty big.”

  Ashley took this information in and then shrugged. “Well then I got some good news and I got some bad news.”

  “Bad news first, okay?”

  “Bad news is that it’s gonna hurt like hell at first. Good news is it will hurt less and less each time and before long you gonna be glad he’s packing down there. Trust me. I’ve been with some little dicked men and no matter how well they use their tongues it just never makes up for the lack of inches. And you can take that to the bank, girl. Size isn’t the only thing, but it’s damn near the most important.”

  I couldn’t help but laugh. A lot of the stress that had been building inside me had begun to dissipate. Not only had I been working myself up over the virgin thing but ever since I’d said yes to Tyler’s dinner request he’d been looking at me with a hunger in his eye. Sort of letting me know with his eye contact just how much he wanted me. At first I was shy about the whole thing but after a few times I started to let my eyes do some talking as well. And they told my boss that I found him sexy as hell and I couldn’t wait to kiss him. To be held by him. To be consumed by him.

  “You still with me?” Ashley said with snap of her fingers. “Or are you in lala land thinking about Mr. Big Shot again?”

  I sighed. “Sorry Ash, I just can’t help it. This damn man has me all twisted up.”

  Ashley sucked her teeth and laughed.

  “Yeah well just wait until you get a taste of that dick and see how twisted up you gonna get.”


  I struggled to fall asleep Thursday night and when I finally did soon I was dreaming about Tyler. Unlike my previous dreams this one was something of a nightmare, for Tyler was anything but gentle with me. I dreamed I was in his penthouse and he had me pressed against his hallway wall a hungry look in his eye. I struggled to free myself from his grasp but it was useless. The more I fought the tighter he squeezed my hand. I remember screaming for him to stop, telling him I wasn’t ready for this sort of thing. Couldn’t he tell I was just an innocent little girl? But he just laughed at me and pressed on, ripping my clothes off and having his way with me.

  I woke up gasping for air and checked the alarm clock. It was nearly 2am. My nightmare had lasted all of an hour but my nightgown was soaked with sweat. My panties were drenched as well. I reached down and touched myself, grimacing at my swell. Was what I just experienced a nightmare, or my true carnal nature revealing itself? Had I been pretending all these years to be a good girl, when in fact I’d secretly wanted to be manhandled and treated like a whore by some man old enough to be my dad?

  I took a sip of water and tried to fall back asleep, tossing and turning for what seemed like the rest of the night. Finally at six my alarm went off and I stepped out of bed. Was I really going to go through with this? Was I finally going to become a woman? I took a deep breath and tried to stay in the moment. I didn’t have to make a decision right now, did I? I could go and have dinner and decide then. Maybe Tyler wouldn’t even make a move on me. Maybe he just wanted to have dinner and once he got to know me he would deduce that I was a virgin and decide to cast me aside. Why would a man like Tyler want to waste his time on an old fashioned girl like me?

  I forced myself to eat a small breakfast; orange juice and a hard boiled egg and then jumped in the shower. I shaved every inch of my body, making sure I was as smooth as possible, just in case of course. I packed my overnight back with a semi-short skirt, a thin blouse and my sexiest black panties.

  Just in case, of course.

  Then I was out the door and on my way to work. How I was supposed to make it through the day I had no idea but I would do my best. The train was packed, as usual, but I barely noticed. All I could think about was my dream from the night before.

  Was that how Tyler was going to behave? Was his behavior at work just a front? Would my first sexual encounter be as violent as I’d dreamed about? I bit my lower lip and tried to clear my mind. I still had the entire day in front me and I’d only packed the one pair of panties. The last thing I wanted was to smell like a dog in heat all day.

  I got to work and shoved my overnight bag into my bottom desk drawer. A few minutes later I had the coffee machine going and my computer fired up. I could feel the seconds ticking away in my head. Tyler was never late for work and was due any second now. I pretended be busy with an email but all I was doing was watching the front door. Truth be told this had become something of a ritual with me. Almost since the day I was hired my favorite part of the morning had been when Tyler walked through the door and said good morning, flashing his perfect smile at me and cruising past my desk towards his office, leaving behind a manly scent in his wake. I glanced at the clock and knew he would be here soon. My stomach lurched and I regretted the morning egg.

  Just then the door opened and Tyler came in. “Good morning, Kara. How did you sleep last night?”

  I twirled a strand of hair and smiled. “Great,” I lied. “Never better.” I began to tremble and placed my hands in my lap to settle myself. “How about you, sir? How was your night?”

  Tyler stopped in front of my desk and smiled. “Honestly, I had a hard time falling asleep. I don’t think I slept more than a few hours actually. I’m pretty tired today.”

  My heart sank. Was he going to cancel our date because he was tired? Of course he was, how could I be so stupid and naive to think he actually wanted to be with me? “Oh, well I’m sorry to hear that. Do you feel okay?”

  “I feel fine. Do you know why I couldn’t sleep?”

  I bit my lip and shrugged. “Too much coffee yesterday?”

  Tyler chuckled. “Do you even realize how adorable you are?”

  I shook my head.

  “Well you are. And the reason I couldn’t sleep is because I was thinking of you. I’ve really been looking forward to our evening together.” He glanced underneath my desk and raised his eyebrows. “Did you bring an overnight bag?”

  I blushed and glanced down at my feet before answering. “Yes, sir. Just like you asked.”

  Tyler reached out and squeezed my shoulder. “You can relax, Kara. I don’t bite.”

  Well you did in my dreams last night, you handsome bastard. “Okay sir, I’ll try.”

  He checked his watch and sighed. “Unfortunately I’m going to be out of the office most of the day so I won’t see you again until later.” He reached inside his jacket and produced a magnetic key. “This will get you up to the penthouse. Feel free to head up there once you’re done with work today. I should be home around seven, okay? Make yourself at home and if you need anything ask Juanita. She will be preparing our dinner tonight and knows where everything is located. And make sure you bring an appetite, okay?”

  That wasn’t going to be an issue. “I will, sir. See you then.”

  Tyler glanced down and took a good look at me, not bothering to hide his desire. “I can’t wait to have you to myself,” he said.

  I blushed and glanced away. “Really, sir? Do you mean that?”

  Tyler adjusted his pants and I noticed a swell inside his trousers. “You have no idea, Kara. No idea at all.”

  He left on that note, leaving me all alone at my desk. I fanned myself off and began counting the minutes away.


  I stepped off the elevator on the top floor and made my way into Tyler’s apartment. The first thing I noticed was the panoramic view of the city. The setting sun created a picturesque landscape and I’d walked right to the windows and dropped my overnight back. “Oh my god,” I gasped. “This is amazing!”<
br />
  “It is, isn’t it?”

  I turned around and a short Latina in an apron was standing behind me. “You must be Juanita. I’m Kara, it’s nice to meet you.”

  Juanita gave me a pleasant smile and met me in the middle of the living room. “The pleasure is all mine, dear. Mr. Kingston told me to make sure you make yourself at home. I am finishing up some prep work in the kitchen and then I will be on my way. The guest quarters are right down the hall, would you like me to show you?”

  I picked up my bag and nodded. “Yes, please.”

  “Right this way.”

  I followed Juanita out of the main living room and down a long hallway. At the end she opened a door and motioned for me to enter. “Make yourself at home,” she instructed. “Mr. Kingston will be home in ninety minutes. I hope you enjoy your evening.”

  I thanked her and then tossed my bag onto the floor. I noticed the guest bedroom and began to wonder if perhaps Tyler wouldn’t make a move after all. Then I remembered the bulge in his pants this morning and realized that was doubtful. Most likely in a few hours I was going to be a woman full of cock. Rich, white cock.

  A girl could get used to this.

  I admired the view for a little while and then jumped in the shower. If I had any hopes of getting used to this sort of life I knew I had certain responsibilities. Looking good for the man of the house was one. Pleasuring him was another. While I lacked the experience on the latter front, I’d been dolling myself up for years now. Just because I’d never been with a man didn’t mean I didn’t know how to attract one. Wasn’t no damn accident I was standing where I was, after all, now was it?”


  I stood at the panoramic window in the living room with a glass of wine in my hand, waiting for Tyler to arrive. He’d told Juanita he would be home in ninety minutes and sure enough, just under an hour and a half later the front door open and in stepped my boss. The man who was going to take my virginity. I walked to meet him at the door and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “You have an amazing place, sir.”

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