Mirror, Flash, Man Who Couldn't Die (Wonders Series)
Mirror, Flash, Man Who Couldn't Die (Wonders Series)

Stan I.S. Law

Literature & Fiction / Historical Fiction / Religion & Spirituality
Miracles happen all around us—even though we're seldom sufficiently awake to notice them. Sometimes we find our true self in a Mirror. Sometimes a stray bullet defines our future. At other times we wander for ages without being able to define our purpose. Yet, when we find it, reality fills us with Wonder.After a rough break up with the man he thought he'd spend his happily-ever-after with, Brad returns home to Wyoming to attend his high school reunion. He's still in touch with his best friend since childhood - only problem is that Jimmy doesn't know he's gay. Brad hates the idea of upsetting Jimmy, who has no family left and thinks of Brad as his brother. Plus, he's been lying to him all these years. How will Jimmy take the news, and will their friendship survive? Finding the man of his dreams in Sheridan is not on his radar, but a few surprises are in store for Brad. This light, comedic MM romance explores what it's like to come out in 2014.
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