The Fall of Society

      Thonas Rand

The Fall of Society

The end of the world has come, not with a whimper but in a bellowing roar. In an outbreak that spreads faster than any government can deal with, civilization is wiped out and chaos reigns true. The dead have risen and rule across the land, killing anyone or anything with a heartbeat.

Random groups have managed to survive among the living six months after the infection hit, but supplies are limited, exhaustion is constant, and places to hide are dwindling. When three groups of wayward people come together by chance, they must overcome their differences if they are going to beat the odds as they face tens of thousands of the ravenous undead.

Everything we know will end…
Everyone we love will die…
Fight with everything to survive…

“Death is the wish of some, the relief of many, and the end of all.”

—Lucius Annaeus Seneca

THE FALL OF SOCIETY is 73,000 words. Rand

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