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The Captain

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The Captain

  The Captain

  Trixie de Winter

  Copyright 2013 by

  Trixie de Winter

  Smashwords Edition.

  Revision 1.3

  ISBN 9781301837670

  All rights reserved.

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  This eBook is a work of fiction and the characters are purely productions of the author's imagination and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. All characters in this work are 18 years of age or older.

  Adult Reading Material

  Now I have done it!

  After a lot of pressure and persuasion from my friend, I have finally made a dating profile on the Internet. I am quite skeptical, I must say. I don’t even know exactly what it is I am trying to find. Do I seek a relationship? Is it sex that I want? Do I want both? Or do I want either? Maybe it’s just a bit of a pastime for me. And it does turn out to be stealing a lot of my time. It’s real good fun this. It’s also a much better way of getting to know a man instead of meeting them in a pub when I am shitfaced.

  I quickly manage to sort all the weirdoes out and block them, especially the fruit loop that keeps asking to buy a pair of my used knickers for a hundred quid. I soon learn to manage my profile so all those that I would never want to get to know don’t appear in my searches. After a couple of weeks, I am writing with a few interesting men. One particular guy stands out. He calls himself the Captain.

  After another week, I am only writing with the Captain. We have exchanged e-mail addresses and phone numbers and we are chatting to each other several times a day. I get lots of butterflies in my stomach every time I speak to him. He is really nice. Down to earth. He’s got two kids that are staying with him every other week. I’ve got my son all the time. We actually don’t live very far from each other.

  After a few more days where the frequency of our communication keeps stepping out, he eventually asks me out on a date on his sailing boat. The following Saturday. I am a bit concerned. He is younger than me, around thirty and I am in my mid-thirties. When I was younger, I always went for older men. I was only around twenty when I first realized that a man needs to be thirty before he is really mature and experienced enough for sex to become really great. It’s like men need to be trained sexually throughout their twenties before they peek when they are in their early thirties and their sexual performance eventually becomes satisfactory – so to speak. Now, I am thirty-seven and still going for men around thirty. Well, I eventually decide to accept his offer. A boat trip: Game on.

  Finally it’s Saturday. I drop-off my son at my sister’s and go home to get ready. Home alone, I start to get really excited about the whole thing. I pick a bra that gives my breasts a lift and make them stand out a bit. My breasts are not exactly gravity defying, but the result gets my approval. I put a light, lilac summer top on which is almost see-through. My breasts are nicely tanned after a sunny summer. My cleavage actually looks really good. I am happy about my looks. Even if I have had a child and put on a few pounds, I still do not look too bad for a thirty-seven-year-old, I decide. I opt for a little, white skirt and a pair of sandals with a bit of a heal. I consider not wearing any knickers, but change my mind. After all, it’s a first date with a man I have never met outside the virtual dating world. Better not jinx my luck, so I put on a pair of laced hipsters that match my bra. Nice. I spend almost an hour doing my hair and make-up. Then I re-do my make-up as I realize, I might have put too much on for a boat trip. We are bound to be on or in the water all afternoon, so it might look awful if it starts running. I bring a cardigan in case it gets cold on the water and I am done. Then I am off to the Port of Call as per the Captain’s instructions.

  I am really excited to finally meet him and see him with my own eyes. Of course, he has send me photos, but people always send you those in which they look their best. I park the car. There are a lot of boats in the marina and I wonder if it will be easy to find his. I need not wonder. He is standing right next to my car. I recognize him instantly from the photos. Wow! He is one handsome guy. Dark, short hair, nice masculine chin, brown eyes, close shave. He has that rugged look I have always been attracted to in men. His body: double wow! He’s got those long, slender and firm muscles without being pumped-up in any way. The kind of muscle you only get from natural work and exercise. He is wearing a pair of well-fitting blue jeans that make his ass look really sexy, sneakers and a white t-shirt with some print on. He sends me a broad smile. Great teeth. What a smile!

  “So you are here and we finally meet”, he says.

  His lips are amazing and he’s got a cute dimple on his right cheek. His upper lip has the greatest cupid’s bow ever. I want to taste them.

  “It’s so good to meet you. You look amazing!” he says and gives me a nice, firm hug. He is wearing my favorite cologne from Davidoff, it’s so delicious, pure man. I am sure it’s pure testosterone they put in that bottle. It goes straight into my private parts. Yummy.

  He takes my hand, and we chitchat on the way to his boat, which is moored at the pier. I know absolutely nothing about boats, but I can see it’s fairly large. There are two cabins below deck and the mast is very tall.

  I sit next to the steering wheel where the Captain is standing to navigate us out of the marina, out to sea.

  We have a nice, relaxed easy-going conversation together without being too deep. He appears to be free from his past relationships and seems to have a sensible relationship to his ex-wife. He’s got a wicked sense of humor, something I really appreciate in a man. He makes me laugh many times. I enjoy the view back on town and the slightly chilly fresh air and the smell of salty sea and his cologne that keeps finding its way to my nose. The sun is beaming and it actually feels quite warm out here on the water.

  After about half an hour, he drops the anchor. I guess we are about two miles out.

  “Fancy a dip?” he asks. You bet. I could really do with a swim in the water.

  I go downstairs in the cabin and quickly put on my swimming costume and grab a beach towel. When I come up, he’s slipped into his trunks. Of course, I can’t help but have a sneak-peak at him. Mmmm - It looks very promising indeed!

  We jump into the sea. It’s really great to be cooled off a bit. I dive to get my head under water. Suddenly, he’s there right in front of me below water. He grabs hold of me and presses his body against mine. He is so masculine. It feels amazing. His mouth seeks my lips and he gives me a light kiss. Then we have to go up to get some air. We gasp for our breaths and laugh at each other. He winks at me.

  “Come and catch me” he says and swims off. I go after him. We stay in the water for about ten minutes more just fooling around. Laughing. We climb back on the boat. He takes two massive towels and put them on the deck. Then he takes another huge, soft towel, which he folds around me from behind. He gives me a massive hug. I get goose bumps on my arms and jelly knees. I am shaking a bit.

  “Are you thirsty? Do you want a drink?” he asks.

  I would love one actually.

  He goes below deck and comes back with a soft quilt, two tall champagne glasses and a bottle of Dom Perignon in an ice bucket. That’s class! He pours me a glass of champagne. And put the quilt down. We sit on it. Very close together, his right arm touching my thigh. He winks at me with those beautiful, playful brown eyes.
  “Cheers!” he says. We sit for a while small talking in the afternoon sun, the atmosphere between us is loaded with tense sexual electricity.

  “What happened under the water, I think I would like to try that again”, he says and without waiting for my reply, he leans over and softly kisses my lips. He looks up, seeks my eyes. He smiles that broad, warm smile. Oh, that dimple!

  I let my tongue play over his lips, but he teases me, retreats his face and I am not allowed to taste any more. He smiles again. Kisses me down my chin. I moan and put my head back so my throat is exposed to him. He kisses me very slowly and gently all the way down my throat. I love being kissed on my throat. I’ve got goose bumps all over my body. He kisses my ear and gently bites my earlobe. I feel a retraction in my pelvic, like an electric shock and I can’t help but letting a moan of lust escape me. I can tell it arouses him. He grabs hold of my neck and starts kissing me. At last I get to feel his tongue and taste him. Long and deep kisses with the tongue. I gratefully receive his kisses and kiss him back, our tongues dancing together in my mouth and in his. We have completely forgotten the champagne when kissing and he accidentally spills some on my left breast. Not that it matters. I am only wearing my bra.

  “Oops, I better sort that out”, he says with a naughty grin and he leans in over me and licks across my breast. My body responds immediately and my left nipple becomes stiff even if he hasn’t touched it yet. He notices it and pulls the cup down so the breast is naked. He lets his tongue play around the nipple then gently bites it and let go. I can feel how I am getting really wet down below. My juices are flowing freely. He puts his hands around my back and takes off my bra. “Lie down, sweetie. Close your eyes. Just enjoy your body”, he says and I instantly obey him. I am throbbing with want and need. I close my eyes in joyous anticipation. I shiver thrilled as I can feel he is pouring more champagne over me, over my breast, my stomach and in my belly button. He uses his tongue to slowly lick it off. Over my breasts. Playing with it around my nipples. He sucks both of them and bite them very gently. Oh God, I am so turned on. He is making me so horny. He keeps licking down my stomach, let his tongue play with my belly button. Further down. I can feel my breathing getting heavier and I open my eyes. He is sat between my legs. Smiling broadly at me. I can tell from the huge bulge in his swimming trunks that he has been affected too. I smile back at him. I grab hold of his big upper arms and pull him over me. Put my legs around him. His trunks and my bikini are the only things separating our bodies. He puts his hands down my bikini, between my legs. Finally! He starts rubbing my clit. Very gentle circular movements with his fingers. Oh God! I have to feel him NOW!

  I grab hold of his trunks and rib them off him and he takes off my bikini. He is on top of me, his hard throbbing cock head is just touching the opening of my vagina. He kisses me greedily, his tongue playing with mine. I am on the verge of exploding. I spread my legs and grab his ass to force is cock into my wet, willing pussy, but he resists my attempt.

  “Oh, now, not just yet”, he teases. You are kidding me! I have never been this turned on in my life. Never wanted a cock this badly. I have to feel him now!

  He sits up, takes the bottle with champagne and pours some over my already soaking wet pussy. It feels cold and extremely titillating on my throbbing clit. He bends down and lets his tongue lick through my labia. Again and again. All the way up. Then he gently licks around my clit. Oh yes! Keep doing it! I raise my pelvic towards him. And he licks and licks and licks and I explode in a massive, rolling orgasm. I scream of pleasure. He lets me lie down and rest for a second. My legs are shaking. That was so powerful, so intense. I look at him. How amazing is this man? He starts fingering my clit, very gently. Then puts to fingers into my hungry pussy. My vagina is burning. I am so turned on again and I want to feel him deep inside me right now.

  “Will you please let me have it? Please fuck me. Now.”

  I grab hold of the root of his big, hard cock and start jerking him off. He moans and keeps fingering me. I can feel I start to swell up. I am not far from coming again. He seems not far from coming himself. Now is the time. He sits up, grabs my hips and penetrates me. Deep. Ahhh! I put my legs around him and he fucks me with deep, rhythmic strokes. Oh my God, he is really big. Not only is his cock long, its so thick as well. Fills me out entirely. He is going faster and faster. My fingers find my throbbing hard clit and I rub it fiercely. He pounds me deeply again and again, faster and faster. I am so over-turned-on and I can’t hold back any more. My pussy is swelling up around his cock. I scream as I explode in an orgasmic firework and I feel I am nearly fainting. The blood rushes in my brain and in my vagina. A rolling sensation of an orgasm that seems to last for minutes. He fucks me for a few more seconds then he comes with a roar. I feel him spraying his warm sperm into me deep inside and he stops the movements.

  Afterwards, he rolls off me and lies down next to me on the quilt. I lie in his strong right arm. We are small talking about everything and nothing. It feels so good to lie with him, feeling him, real close. Listening to his heartbeat and his pleasant deep manly voice. There is a tattoo on his left upper arm, some kind of Celtic inspired pattern. I caress it with my fingertips. I like tattoos as long as it’s not overdone. I wouldn’t want to have any myself, but I do find them sexy. In moderation, they turn me on. I let my fingers glide over his massive chest. There is only a little bit of hair. I prefer a little bit over a smooth chicken breast. It’s very masculine, I think. I play with his nipples. I can tell that he is about to be ready for round two.

  I sit up and start to kiss him. I let my tongue move over his chin, down over his throat. Over his chest. Down his stomach. He tastes of sun, salt - and so much of man. I grab his big hard cock and start licking around the root. Further down, licking his balls. I put them in my mouth. He moans. I keep a firm grip of his cock and let my tongue move further down. I use my hand to massage his prostate area. His cock starts throbbing. While holding his cock firmly, I start jerking him off and lick is asshole. Let my tongue play around it. Stick my tongue into it. I have never done it before, but it feels so sexy and arousing to do it. I want to pleasure this amazing man. I hear most guys like it. He is really moaning now.

  My mouth finds his cock head and I start playing with my tongue around it. Teasing him. I look him straight in the eyes while I do it. “Oh yes!” he moans. I smile at him and take an ice cube from the bucket and put it in my mouth. I grab his cock and finally take it in my mouth. I let my lips encircle his throbbing hard cock. He shivers when he senses the cold from the ice cube. I can tell it’s turning him on. I let my tongue play with the ice cube around his cock head. I suck and lick. It’s so big and thick that I can’t go very deep on him, but I keep using both my hands to stroke him and handle his balls. I jerk him off, faster and faster still sucking him.

  “Oh God yeah!” he moans. “That’s amazing!”

  It arouses me enormously to see him turned on so much. I need to have him again. I sit on top of him and slowly glide down over his cock. Oh God! It really is massive. I start riding him and he grabs hold of my breasts and start massaging them and playing with the nipples. I ride him slowly at first, up and down, up and down, but I am so horny and so turned on so I ride him like a mad horse. Backwards and forward. I can feel he is so deep inside me. My clit robbing against his root. I can feel his head hitting the right spot inside me. Just as I am about to come, he suddenly pushes me off, turns me over and starts kissing my neck. He quickly works his way down my spine. I get on all fours for him. I am ready for him. I want him back inside me. My pussy is soaking wet and I feel my juices dripping down my thigh. He bends in over me and slowly penetrates me form behind. Long deep strokes. Slowly at first then faster and faster. The air is thick with our pheromones. He is so big, it actually hurts a bit when he goes root deep, but it’s a nice, sweet pain. I move my ass close to him so he can pound me even deeper. He is really fucking me now. I am so getting it. Faster, deeper, faster. His cock. Root deep now
. He is ravishing me. Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh God! Another explosion.

  We climax almost simultaneously.

  We lie on the quilt on the decks for a long time afterwards, snuggling up. Just talking. He is so easy to talk to. Just keeping quiet. With him a bit of silence doesn’t feel awkward at all. He is one heck of an amazing man. It feels like I have known him forever, even if it has only been one afternoon. It feels like the most natural thing in the world to be in his company.

  “Where have you been all my life, you selfish bastard”, I say and we both laugh.

  “Well, I may have been hiding for a while, but I am here with you now, am I not?”

  “Better late than never”, I say and kiss him softly. Those beautiful soft lips.

  “Just don’t go anywhere right now.”

  Finally, we get dressed again and he pulls up the anchor. We sail back to the marina and reach it in around half and hour. I sit next to the Captain. Just looking at him. Just taking him in and enjoying every moment spend with him. He invites me to a little seafood restaurant in the marina. I gladly accept even though I don’t like fish never mind shellfish. I do not know what we have for dinner as I am too busy getting to know him and talking to him, but we share a great bottle of Pinot Grigio. After dinner, we go for a sun downer in a nice outdoor bar by the seafront where we can watch the sunset and have a beautiful view of the marina.

  He looks at me for a while and then says: “I really, really like you a lot babe and I hope you will give me the chance of getting to know you properly. You are a truly amazing and beautiful woman. I really have to see you again very soon”.

  Butterflies, butterflies and more goose bumps. What is this man doing to me?

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