The Enemies of Women (Los enemigos de la mujer)
The Enemies of Women (Los enemigos de la mujer)

Vicente Blasco Ibáñez

Politics / Nonfiction
The Prince repeated his statement: Man's greatest wisdom consists in getting along without women. He intended to go on but was interrupted. There was a slight stir of the heavy window curtains. Through their parting was seen below, as in a frame, the intense azure of the Mediterranean. A dull roar reached the dining-room. It seemed to come from the side of the house facing the Alps. It was a faint vibration, deadened by the walls, the curtains, and the carpets, distant, like the working of some underground monster; but there rose above the sound of revolving steel and the puffing of steam a clamor of human beings, a sudden burst of shouts and whistling.
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