Angels the judiths sec.., p.1

  Angels - the Judith's secret, p.1

Angels - the Judith's secret

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Angels - the Judith's secret


  the Judith’s Secret

  Wudson Silva


  Preface 3

  Monday 7

  Tuesday 16

  Wednesday 44

  Thursday 67

  Friday 83

  Saturday 93

  Sunday 113

  Monday 137

  Two Years Later 163



  Dr. Santiago, the Chief of Police responsible for the iconoclast murderer, and Clóvis, his best detective were gathered for over an hour.

  – But, Clóvis...

  Santiago hesitated baffled with the recent and deranged line of thought of the detective. After all, how could a one-week trip to the countryside of Minas Gerais solve the investigation about the mysterious iconoclast that was spreading terror throughout Brazil? Would the old-time Chief of Police get retired without seeing the logic used by his detective?

  – But, Clóvis, how could a murder that took place in the middle of nowhere be related to our investigation? I understand that this woman was killed on the yard of the parish house, and that reminds us of the church, which reminds of the altar, which reminds of sacred images etc. However, just ask for a report by the local police and, of course, we will see that nothing that you read in this hicktown newspaper is connected to this huge confusion spread around the main centers in the country. It is clearly a coincidence!

  – We will use it as bait, Santiago. We both know damm well that these are two different cases.

  – So, how come this iconoclast guy would fall into a trap that has no connection with the crimes perpetrated by him?

  – Media is everything to him — Clóvis grinned — and everything we need is a place far from the telecommunication networks. This will do the job for us!

  – How so?

  – We need to paralyze him. Attract him to a neutral field and take him far from this coverage that has been helping him. Then, clearly, we get him!

  Dr. Santiago started to think. His eyes went from the old office desk to the windows on the second floor of the Civil Police department. His eyes rested looking far away. Consequently, regardless of how unpleasant that view was with buildings, cars and pollution, he felt his mind rest. Despite of all matters he no longer felt bad with all that grey ahead of him. After so many years observing that sad view, he ended up captivated by it.

  — Media! — Dr. Santiago shouted once again apprehensive.

  — That is why you are acting this way. This thing of giving explanations to radio reporters and magazines... even a live press conference! You were already using this strategy for a while, weren’t you? Pure strategy, smart ass! Now I get it...

  — And, for a while now you no longer question my methods, Doc...

  Santiago made a reflection about his behavior lately. In fact, he no longer reproved his investigation methods and allowed things to be elucidated as planned by his detective, but this was something he wouldn’t want to talk about. However, a simple look was enough to demonstrate mutual and sincere trust.

  — He is too smart, Clóvis, and we do not have evidences that he is really the iconoclast.

  — When I talk about attracting him to a neutral field, I am talking about taking him to a place where there are no witnesses, also. Do you understand?

  The Chief of Police opened his eyes in surprise.

  — How?

  — A distant location. Surrounded by a forest...

  — With no one around! How can we corner him? — questioned the Chief of Police — He will have to say the truth, is it?

  — Something like that.

  The Chief of Police silenced again, wishing to call him crazy, deranged, lunatic, and other things, but there was no need to say anything. The confident smile on Clóvis face indicated the adjectives going through his head. And, Santiago knew him well enough.

  — What will you say to get him there?

  — I will think about it later. I just need you to tell the rest of the team that I was too stressed with this case and that you forced me to take a vacation, that you don’t know about my whereabouts and that I left my cell phone. Oh! Feel free to call me crazy, deranged, lunatic, and other things, ok?

  — This I always do!

  Both of them laughed. The Chief of Police, despite of considering Clóvis’ ideas a bit strange, learned to enjoy the adventures created by his detective. No matter how insane they were, at the end they always worked.

  Clóvis left on his table the newspaper that reported the murder of the woman on the year of the parish house of a city called Rio Vermelho and a letter that explained the methods to “arrest” the iconoclast.

  — One week is all I need — remembered Clóvis.

  The Chief of Police, cornered, accepted the proposal. They shook hands. The detective left with firm but calm steps.

  Santiago put the envelope in the drawer, as if it did not trigger his interest for the content and opened the newspaper on the page of the mysterious murder:

  A brutal crime shocked the city of Rio Vermelho on yesterday’s morning, when the body of Judith Figueiredo, 32 years of age, was found on the parish's house yard. The body was found inside of a star painted to the floor. She was well-dressed and without indications of rape.

  The police believes in an act of revenge by a man who accidentally fell down after bumping with her downtown. The suspect is known as a sorcerer. Several witnesses heard him saying things in a strange language after falling. It seemed that he was extorting the young catechist...

  He stopped reading and observed two pictures that showed the face of a beautiful woman, exhibiting a merry smile, and next to it, her body inside a hexagonal star.

  Santiago focused on the smile of the young catechist and then began chuckling. The chuckle turned into laughter... he couldn’t stop. He had to seat for he lost the strength. Finally, he started sweating and coughing as if he could not contain his emotions. Only after a while he could get his breath again.


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