Book of Dark #1: Always Stand Up
Book of Dark #1: Always Stand Up

Deepak Khanchandani

Fantasy / Science Fiction / Children's
Keane is a perfectly ordinary fourteen year old orphan...except for his abnormal, glowing hands, his unexplained dreams frequented by a scary, black dragon, the bullies at his school that just won't leave him alone, and a crippling crush on the new girl. Lucky, then, that he's completely unaware of his connection to the fearful race of supernaturals called the Terralytes rising to claim the Earth.This is not a story about Book of Dark.This is the story of a Majjikon who lost his memory.This is the story of a boy named Keane...Keane Davies is an ordinary fourteen year old orphan, normal in every way. Except that he sometimes awakens in the middle of the night to find his hands glowing bright green.He doesn't understand why he dreams of a scary, black dragon and an enchanted forest, or why his best friend won't let him use his strange new powers against the bullies at school and their needlessly violent methods of "conflict resolution". And things aren't helped any when he starts to develop a crush on the new girl at John Atkins High, inadvertently making her a target for the terrifying bullies.It's a good thing, then, that he remains quite unaware of his innate connection to the fearsome band of supernatural beings who call themselves Terralytes, and who are on the rise against the Council of Majjikons and the High Realm in their quest to claim the Earth in the name of their Order.Will Keane ever learn to use his powers? Will the dark dragon and the mystical forest in his dreams ever make sense? And will he ever find the mettle to face up to his high school tormentors?"Always Stand Up" is the first of thirty-six installments which comprise the Book of Dark Series. Find out more at
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